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Indocin Questions

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How do I treat gout in the wrist?

Posted 12 Dec 2010 by nate dymond 2 answers

My uncle has gout in the wrist and it hurts bad, so how can he ease the pain? He already has been taking Celery Circulation and pain pills. It's swollen and in alot of pain!!!

Indomethacin - Indocin causing dizziness and drowsiness?

Posted 17 Feb 2012 by Borealis 1 answer

When I take an Indocin suppository - 100 mg twice a day - I get very drowsy and dizzy, for a few hours - is this normal?

Indomethacin - 52 yr old male. 4 gout attacks in 15 years, but two in the last year?

Posted 23 Jul 2013 by JohnWad 2 answers

Prescribed indocin controls the pain, but it is taking longer and longer to recover. Currently on .5 x 3 for about 10 days now. Try to ween a couple of times, but soreness/tenderness returns. Is it normal for gout attack to last this long?

Do you take verapamil for hemicrania headaches?

Posted 12 Feb 2014 by momkat 1 answer

I have paroxysmal hemicrania and take 240MG of verapamil ER twice a day, but it doesn't completely stop my headache. (I can't take Indocin.) I also take aspirin for the breakthrough pain, but have had to cut down on dosage because of peptic ulcer disease. Does anyone have any suggestions ...

How often can this course be taken? gout was diagnosis 8 years ago?

Posted 23 Dec 2010 by decurti 1 answer

My husband has gout flareups. doctor gave him this instead of indocin because of his high blood pressure and stage 4 kidney disease. then, he was put on Colchicine with the course of prednisone and continue the colchicine until no more pain. half of the .6 mg of colchicine. then when no more pain. ...

Indomethacin - My friend has gout and the M.D. says that indocin is dangerous over 65?

Posted 24 Oct 2013 by thehumanside 1 answer

True - or just his insurance company playing with him. Nothing works as well as indocin for him (generic)?

Indocin - I've been taking for 3 days. And still no relief from swelling or pain. Is this normal ?

Posted 30 Dec 2014 by Tazman604 2 answers

Gout in my left big toe. Been taking med for 3 days no relief

Indomethacin - What is the dosage range?

Posted 12 Nov 2015 by MobyDick 0 answers

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