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I have lupus and rheu. arthritis, my Dr has me on prednisone andplaquenil

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by Pinkyphat 1 answer

and wants to add Imuran. Is that OK?

Imuran - how long can you take Budesonid?

Posted 9 Dec 2016 by Akaahm 0 answers

I have been taking for 3 years now, and it works fairly well. I am becoming dependent on it though and my new doctor is suggesting to switch to Imuran. I did some reading about Imuran and the side effects sound horrifying. Any suggestions ?

Has anyone been really avoiding relapses while pregnant on Imuran?

Posted 10 Jul 2016 by chanamiller 0 answers

What criteria should a SLE lupus patient meet in order to take Benlysta? I was told that it's not for every kind of Lupus. Is that correct?

Imuran - Did anyone develop oral lesions while on this med?

Posted 27 Mar 2016 by Cancer cause 1 answer

61 yo husband placed on Imuran for UC flare. Within three months developed a oral tongue cancer related to med. Oncologist stated he could never take a immunosupressant or TNF med again in future. Concerned over Imuran / UC treatment , if he should develop another type of cancer. He may have lost ...

I read not to take imuran 1 hour before or after food and milk. Why is this?

Posted 5 Mar 2016 by sasha16 2 answers

I did it without known , had no effect

I had serious reaction to drug Imuran. Is it safe to take purinethol since it is a very similar drug

Posted 24 Dec 2015 by Tina Caffrey 0 answers

I had a serious reaction the drug Imuran for Crohns disease. Is it safe to take Purinethol. I believe it is a very similar drug

Does Imuran come in an injectable?

Posted 15 Aug 2015 by Mary0123 1 answer

Does this drug come in an injectable? My husband is getting a good response, but is queasy taking it. Also, will he be taking the lialda continually along with it? Thanks

What is the dosage of Imuran for crohns disease?

Posted 12 May 2015 by tjgone 1 answer

33 yr old male dx at age 15 mg/lbs

Citalopram - Why did my dr. prescribe this for my hot flashes? I do not take it for depression?

Posted 3 Mar 2015 by Gayle Barnes 4 answers

What are the reasons for this? I also take Imuran and prednisone for a liver disorder. I am diabetic. Am 50 years old, but it was prescribed about 6 months ago. Not depressed at all

Is profuse sweating a side effect of imuran?

Posted 26 Dec 2014 by aesc 2 answers

I was prescribed imuran 50mg i take two tabs daily i began 12-23... so today was my 4th day all three days, I have been sweating profusely, but have no fever

Autoimmune Hepatitis - I was wondering if anyone has gone off their meds? Did you flare back up and?

Posted 7 Oct 2012 by person011 4 answers

... if so how long did that take? I saw my hep yesterday and said that I have done well awhile and on next visit if LFTs are still normal he is going to drop my Imuran in half and if that goes ok will try and drop all. He said 60% of people will relapse. So I said why even change medication dosage ...

Imuran - How long before it starts working?

Posted 20 Sep 2014 by Webadi 1 answer

How would Imuran help a myastenia gravis patient?

Posted 28 Jan 2014 by sueandjoel 1 answer

What will the medication do for me? Already on mestinon, and the prednisone was not much help in lose doses. Is anyone on Imuran? Do you feel better? Is it worth the risks?

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