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I had a spinal fusion I had a bowel kitchen and eventually my uterus was on my enlarged uterus was?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by melissabeth0506 0 answers

... on my about wanted with the small pulmonary embolism I am healing but I feel all the apparatus in my back and just wanted to other people also feel it just makes me a little bit nervous and I want to know if I was alone on this

Monistat 7 - my first EXTREMELY bad yeast infection, how long does itch last?

Posted 28 Mar 2016 by erimicka1916 1 answer

I saw my doctor and she prescribed me treatment for the infection. I'm pretty sure this is the 6th nights treatment and I was wondering if the little bit of continuing itch is normal? Does that mean it's healing? And to top it off I'm having to treat a UTI in the process of treating ...

Toe nail removed why is the still looking sore and is very painful?

Posted 21 Oct 2016 by Btowe 0 answers

Had nail removed on 20th of September right foot healing up nicely my left big toe still got yellow stuff on wound and leaking a lot and very painful to walk.

Valacyclovir - 70years 200 grms x 3 x8 days The whole tablet comes out in stool hard puffy after?

Posted 16 Sep 2016 by Radhaji 0 answers

... 8 to 12 hours . Constipation severe. Drinking lots of water. Healing is there. Am I wasting more of medicine or the tab is made to release medicine without losing shape and size. It is puffy. Enlarged and hard to crush when comes out wet

Is nystatin rinse ok to use 8 days after tooth extraction?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by glutenfreegirl 0 answers

I had a molar extracted a little over a week ago and now am suffering from oral thrush, from strong antibiotics. Will the nystatin rinse affect the healing process of my socket?? Thanks in advance

Amitriptyline - Should I ween off and try somthing else?

Posted 1 Sep 2016 by Violetrose1130 0 answers

Hi folks. So, I was on 25mg and another half tablet throughout the day when I was healing from concussion, apr. Dec/2016-Feb/2017. It was a life-saver, truly. The med helped me heal faster. After it was determined by my docs that I was fully healed and I'd returned to college (symptom-free ...

Cold sores - I got a Cold Sore about 4 weeks Ago is it still contagious?

Posted 8 Aug 2016 by popotheclown 0 answers

I got a Cold Sore about 4 weeks Ago. Since then it has gone through the healing process many times but on the final stage it has become a split lip and will not close. It just keeps reopening whenever i open my mouth to much. I was just wondering if it is still contagious with mouth to mouth ...

How long does Tactupump last after the last application? What can I do to stop its function?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 by LjSketch 0 answers

I've been using Tactupump for about 2-3 days and I decided to wait out my acne. It wasn't bad before; it was healing, it was fading. I decided to give Tactupump a try after a dermatologist recommended it. After those 2-3 days (only applied it twice) I decided to stop; my skin is being ...

Can Xarelto cause mouth ulcers?

Posted 26 Jun 2016 by robin adema 1 answer

dentures caused mouth cut . Its noy healing and I am in severe pain. A dentist took a 2 second look in my mouth and dismissed everything as caused by bad denture. Who do I see now? Obviously my damn dentist didn't care. Its sunday morning. ER visit, right. What are they gonna do.

What long term use side effects of Nexium 40mg twice daily should I watch for or ask about?

Posted 3 Jun 2016 by Ninkar30 0 answers

I have taken it for at least 2 years due to chronic non healing gastric ulcers. Had a partial gastrectomy in 2005 for giant one so they try to keep me on the Proton Pump inhibitors. I had a double vagotomy as well. I have anxiety and have too much acid. Anyone had long term or high dose experience? ...

Will pink curling iron burn indent return to normal?

Posted 16 Jun 2016 by Ellie_br00k 0 answers

I have an indented pink area left over from a burn on my forehead from my curling iron. I let the scab fall off and I am now using bio oil to try and quickly encourage the healing process. Will this indent return to the normal skin tone and depth?

Im healing from major back surgery, with a cage implant. Upon discharge I was given 80 Percocet10/3?

Posted 27 May 2016 by Rickib 1 answer

10/325 which were lost. After much begging and being belittled by a staff member, the Dr agreed to write me 60 more pills until time to have my staples removed. I just noticed they are Percocet7.5/325 to be taken 1 every 6 to 8 hours as needed, rather than every 4 hours like the original. I'm ...

I just finished 4 weeks on Carac and now in healing phase. My Dr. wants me to wait a month and then?

Posted 29 Jan 2016 by blondegirl 0 answers

do another 4 weeks of Carac. I put it on once daily. This is just on my forehead. I had a lot of reaction--the typical redness, blister, etc. I am a bit concerned that she wants me to do it again on my forehead so soon. I have use various creams over the last 12 years--have had MOHS surgeries 4 ...

Entyvio - I have severe uc on my left side. Started treatment on the 5th of Jan. So far I see no?

Posted 8 Feb 2016 by Mel351 1 answer

... difference and am still bleeding. My 3rd infusion is the 16th. Should I have seen improvement by now? Also is what u eat an important factor on healing

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