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HCG Questions

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Can amoxicillin affect the result of a pregnancy test? Does it contain the hormone hCG?

Posted 4 Aug 2013 by katcerda 2 answers

I took 2 tests while on amoxicillin and got positive test results and I haven't been taking the amoxicillin for a couple of days ... took another pregnancy test and I got a negative result unless u look really hard u can see an almost invisible positive line

Pregnancy - I just found out I am pregnant (7 weeks), I am very excited. But I was on the HCG (125?

Posted 5 Apr 2014 by kelly954 1 answer

... units/5 times a week) and 30mg Phentermine (2x daily) for the first 4 weeks of being pregnant. I was unaware that I was pregnant. Now I am worried that my child will have a birth defect after reading that HCG and Phentermine is on the FDA's catergory X. Does anyone know anything about ...

How I can use hcg for hormone enhancing.. iam a 32 year old man?

Posted 22 Oct 2013 by MUNISH SINGLA 2 answers

i am a sports man.. using stanazol,, deca durabolin,, testasterone deponate,,, and trenabolone... so how i can use genotropin for power and stamina enhancement

I took clomid last was my first cycle.size of follicle was 22mm on left and 20 mm on?

Posted 5 Aug 2014 by sonia1988 1 answer

... right.I took HCG and egg ruptured.we also had intercourse during fertile days.however i didnt get pregnant... i m worried if i can ever get age is 25

Can my medications cause my head tremors and the metallic taste in my mouth?

Posted 7 Oct 2013 by anon5678 1 answer

Can taking HCTZ, Phentermine HCl, HCG injections, Zyrtec, Zonisamide, or Tizanidine HCl cause my head tremors and the metallic taste in my mouth?

Weight loss hcg injection dosage?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by T19 1 answer

I am taking daily hcg injections (.2 mg) and I have gained weight. I am 5'5.5. I weigh 152 lbs. and I follow a low carb, lean protein diet. Can you tell me the dosage that you were taking for those who have experienced weight loss?

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

Posted 16 May 2016 by pev16 2 answers

I have read many stories about home pregnancy tests not detecting the HCG in a woman's body. I have taken MANY (over 20) pregnancy tests (different brands) and all are negative. I don't really feel pregnant aside from waking up in the morning sick to my stomach. Could I be pregnant? its ...

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