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Need tapering schedule for Klonopin, 2 mg?

Posted 31 Dec 2012 by w31961 4 answers

caucasian male, 51, 157 lbs. 51 year old caucasian male, 157 lbs here in need of klonopin withdrawal advice: I have been taking 1-2 mg klonopin and 0.25-0.5 mg halcion, at bedtime as needed, for about the last year and a half for anxiety and insomnia. Due to stresful events this past summer, I ...

Halcion and pregnancy?

Posted 26 Jan 2017 by 11cs11 1 answer

Hello - my wife took a halcion .25mg to help combat fear of dentistry work. We did not realize how dangerous it was. She is 10 weeks pregnant and I am scared to death right now we really messed up. We asked the ob/gyn and pharmacist if it was ok and both said it was so i'm really upset right ...

Insomnia - 93 yr old WWII veteran who cannot fall amd stay asleep. What can he use?

Posted 29 Dec 2015 by Brumm 2 answers

Have tried seroquel, temazepam, lorazapm and halicon to no effect.

Sleep Disorders - I have been on seroquel and halcion for 14 years. Dr took me off seroquel. The?

Posted 11 Jul 2014 by xmasbb70 2 answers

... halcion does not work for sleep with out the seroquel. A friend takes nuerotin and Restoral at nights a knocks out! Any advice

What should I replace for Halcion?

Posted 5 Sep 2013 by cynthia mcduffie 1 answer

Halcion - Is this medication more difficult to obtain than other Rx sleeping medications?

Posted 4 Aug 2013 by djhenry82 2 answers

I was just wondering if anyone's doctor required that they tried other sleep meds first and only used Halcion as a last choice?

Will triazolam help with anxieo treat my anxiety?

Posted 27 Mar 2012 by johnnymack10 1 answer

I usually take 2 mg xanax pills but i dont have any right now. all i have is four 0.25 triazolam pills (halcion) i mean it is a benzopine, so i thought it would help a little atleast. does anyone know the answer to my question?

Anxiety - I have severe anxiexy and am on klonopin 2mg 3 times a day. valum .5 mg 1 and 2 if my?

Posted 16 Jul 2012 by hlocke14 4 answers

... panic attack is severe and for sleep I'm on halcion .25mg 1 sometimes 2 if I can't sleep. I am also on suboxone for my heroin addition. The klonopins work great but the valum and halcion don't really help. Is there a better med I can take when I get a panic attack and a better ...

How soon can you brush over an extracted tooth site?

Posted 26 Oct 2013 by jt3346 1 answer

I was high on halcion @ the time & don't remember asking or the answer if i did. Thanx

Bipolar deprssion - Anyone taken Halcion for insomnia, did it help?

Posted 16 Jul 2012 by dawn08131979 4 answers

I had taken seroquel for over four years. My daily dose was 400mg per day. It did help with my bipolar depression, but also made me so lethargic that I felt like a zombie all the time! I was originally on 800mg per day so this dose 400mg was my reduced dose after I had spoken to my doctor about how ...

Sedation - Can I take Halcion .5 for my pelvic MRI?

Posted 23 Jan 2013 by cwisechick 2 answers

I am having one Friday morning and have the halcion left over from a dental procedure I didn't have. I need something strong; will that work?

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