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Which BP Meds Don't Cause Hair Loss?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by EllaRS 25 answers

A few months ago I started taking lisinopril hctz for high blood pressure. I began to notice a bit more hair loss than usual when I shampooed, but nothing significant. However, it gradually increased to huge handfuls, plus would fall out all day long. Research indicated that beta blockers and ACE ...

Minoxidil facial hair side effect?

Posted 17 Apr 2015 by Blue2325 1 answer

Hi i am 23 year old male.I had used minoxidil 5 % for two months. I experienced hair growth, but I had to stop because of facial growth under my eyes on my forehead and my beard got much more thicker. Now, after three months hair under my eyes or my forehead fall out, but my beard is still much ...

Does gabapentin cause hair loss?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Lulahayes01 1 answer

Can you take hair, skin, & nail pills with biotin if you're on birth control?

Posted 28 May 2015 by ml71 2 answers

Just wondering will it affect the way the birth control works or can cause any problems

Does Eliquis cause hair loss?

Posted 2 days 3 hours ago by Mnbrown 1 answer

Does olmesartan medoxomil cause hair loss?

Posted 22 hours ago by Attorney2017 0 answers

I switched from losartan to olmesartan medoxomil because I was losing so much hair on losartan. The GP put me on olmesartan, but it seems I am still shedding a lot. Has anyone else had this experience?

How long will it take to rebound after taking hypothyroidism medication to being diagnose to hypert?

Posted 2 days 9 hours ago by kporter8 0 answers

How long will it take to rebound after taking hypothyroidism medication to being diagnose to hyperthyroidism? I have been sick for about 2 1/2 months, not sleeping, losing hair, itchy, sick to my stomach, etc, I finally went to the er this morning to find out I went from being hypo to ...

Should I be worries about an ingrown hair under my balls?

Posted 7 days ago by Greenkick86 1 answer

It got substantially bigger over night. About the size from a pimple to a large marble

I have been on methotrexate 20+ years. Is this safe?

Posted 18 days ago by jab-jam4 2 answers

I've had some side effects but minor--bright red spots on my skin in various places that seem to appear suddenly. I'm still experiencing some hair loss. I also receive Orencia infusions monthly.

Can I get hair from a hairbrush to get tested ? And if so , how much do I need to get ?

Posted 6 days ago by concerned61 0 answers

Where and how do I need to send it for screening ?

After a flare up due to crohns disease in Jan 2017, I have been on Azathioprine for about 3-4?

Posted 16 days ago by dancamell 1 answer

... months, recently weaned off the prednisone about 1 month ago. Since then I have been having a lot of hot flashes and chills quite bad at night, my hair is falling out a lot in the last 2 weeks and I have some joint pain. My doctor has told me it is my choice as to whether I stop taking the ...

I have dermatomyositis and my scalp is very sensitive. I didn't have a lot of itching at first and?

Posted 12 days ago by Di9814 0 answers

... didn't realize that my Scalp was sensitive until I colored my hair... oh boy it burned and itched. I've been trying to find something that can color my hair without chemical's. If anybody knows of any products besides Henna that can color your hair. The reviews for Henna are not ...

Thyroid cancer 6 yrs ago full thyroidectmy?

Posted 19 days ago by shotokanblondie 1 answer

I had my thyroid out 6 yrs ago i been on 150mcg brand name now they want to change it to 120mcg generic im affraid to go down and change from brand name. Also im always racey and weight gain hair loss sick all the time. I was told armor not safe and generic is ok. I no generic is not the same as ...

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