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Which BP Meds Don't Cause Hair Loss?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by EllaRS 13 answers

A few months ago I started taking lisinopril hctz for high blood pressure. I began to notice a bit more hair loss than usual when I shampooed, but nothing significant. However, it gradually increased to huge handfuls, plus would fall out all day long. Research indicated that beta blockers and ACE ...

Minoxidil facial hair side effect?

Posted 17 Apr 2015 by Blue2325 1 answer

Hi i am 23 year old male.I had used minoxidil 5 % for two months. I experienced hair growth, but I had to stop because of facial growth under my eyes on my forehead and my beard got much more thicker. Now, after three months hair under my eyes or my forehead fall out, but my beard is still much ...

Can you take hair, skin, & nail pills with biotin if you're on birth control?

Posted 28 May 2015 by ml71 2 answers

Just wondering will it affect the way the birth control works or can cause any problems

Does gabapentin cause hair loss?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Lulahayes01 1 answer

Been on desipramine for 17 days 5 days at 25mg, 5 days at 50 mg. 5 days?

Posted 6 days ago by garnie 1 answer

at 75 and now 3 days at 100 mg. was on lithium and cymbalta for a numbers of years, hair loose, depressed, sleeping a lot. Was taken off of these meds over a 4 week period and then started desipramine. Now with just on desipramine still want to sleep all the time and no energy. depressed and still ...

Does Zoloft make you lose hair?

Posted 11 days ago by Stephiwif 1 answer

I'm 17 years old and I've been on Zoloft for a month, I got off it last week and I'm losing big chunks of hair I've always had extremely thick curly hair but it's just shredding out is this normal

Help my ocd related anxiety?

Posted 15 days ago by Bsclineman14 1 answer

My ocd has gotten so bad. I don't mind the making everything straight and even part but literally 100s of times every single day I have to brush my hair back(I have short hair also) then fix my eye brows then brush my hair behind my ears then fix my glasses then fix my eyelashes then fix my ...

Does valsartan create hair loss?

Posted 15 days ago by Arinilisa 1 answer

Can you dye your hair while taking Votrient?

Posted 16 days ago by Vagabond26 1 answer

My roots are white and hair is not growing very fast. I can not get the roots to hold dye and look like a skunk. Help

How does ketoconazole react on color treated hair?

Posted 13 days ago by Peg12 0 answers

I color my hair every 6 weeks, will this affect my colored hair. I wanting to know if this will remove the color from my hair.

I am a woman in good physical and mental health I have started losing my hair excessively! No new?

Posted 13 days ago by Carmacorgiat 0 answers

... medication and im not dieting and stressed out. I use top quality shampoo and conditioner. Plz tell me what can I do to stop this from continuing. Sincerely, Karma

Estrace - Long term, 68 year old, complete hysterectomy user. Thinning hair, no other side affects?

Posted 15 days ago by sharron d 0 answers

... Was advised by family Dr. to stop taking. Is this good judgement? Taking .5 Mg. and have been taking harmone therapy for 20 years.

Apixaban - does this drug cause hair loss?

Posted 17 days ago by forhairloss 0 answers

I started taking this a month ago my hair started to fall out in clumps?

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