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Gynecomastia Questions

We found 7 questions associated with the 'Gynecomastia' topic.

Why is Spironolactone not listed as an Anti-Androgen?

Posted 20 Jul 2013 by PrincessKira 4 answers

I've heard about this drug before and didn't realize until recently that it was the same as the drug most Transgendered individuals call simply "spiro." The feminizing effects of this drug are not listed here. As a MTF Transgenderist individual my self; that's how I ...

Can Progesterone Cream be used to treat gynecomastia in men, using on chest area 20mg/day?

Posted 29 Jan 2015 by Dan6066 1 answer

Doctors refused to treat my gynecomastia in my early teens with tamoxifen, armidex, letrolzol, etc. and told me to just do chest exercises or get surgery so they can bilk me out of thousdands of dollars because it is not covered by health care. It has never gone away, and has probably gotten worse ...

I need a list of drugs known to cause gynecomastia and/or hyperprolactinemia?

Posted 4 Oct 2013 by MaverickMD 2 answers

some antifungals, testosterone supplements, cimetidine, spironolactone are major offenders, but I found some PPIs and other H2 blockers caused as well. If there is a complete list, please help me lay hands on it.

If I leave in the NuvaRing during sex, can the male I'm having sex with absorb the same hormones?

Posted 20 Jan 2014 by mjolk 1 answer

... through his penis? My concern for this is that he has had gynecomastia in the past so I want to reduce any possibility of that forming again.

Is there a self-test for gynecomastia without hormones test ?

Posted 26 Sep 2014 by as14 1 answer

my weight is 87 i wanna know if it gynecomastia or just fat .. we have no endocrinologist in our city

Gynecomastia - Just diagnose yesterday. Two lumps found in left breast. Have illness in both. What?

Posted 7 Aug 2014 by Rommierome 1 answer

... is the percentage becoming cancers? Best solution. Very sore and hurt bad

Gynecomastia - how should I find a girlfriend who can understand my conduction ?

Posted 9 Nov 2014 by duke987 1 answer

IS there any hope for guys like me.

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