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Guaifenesin Questions

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Does Mucinex help with Covid?

Does Mucinex help you get pregnant?

Mucinex overdose - what is the normal dose of guaifenesin?

is it possible to OD on mucinex? who's laughing at me??? :-) Seriously, I got a box of it and it says 1200mg guaifenesin per pill, is this the norm for daily intake?

Guaifenesin - Is it useful for post nasal drip?

(Mucinex-related) - Does this mean I damaged my stomach / intestine lining?

Dextromethorphane HBr 20mg, Guaifenesin 400 mg -- "Signature Care DM Max Relief," a Safeway house brand of Mucinex. I took the recommended 20 mL dose one time per day. The first day, I experienced normal drowsiness, two days later on days 2 and 3 included minor stomach irritation as it... read more

The Do's and Don'ts of Cough and Cold Medicines

Can guaifenesin and benzonatate be taken together?

Can they be used together for chest congestion?

Does guaifenesin cause nosebleeds?

have had 2 large amount nosebleeds since starting guaifenesin

Guaifenesin - Regarding Mucinex for fibromyalgia?

I have ME or CFS but I was reading that it shares some of the same symptoms Pain is not a huge issue for me but Fatigue is terrible I was hoping to hear that this is good for fatigue I just started a few days ago- I got the generic 400 mg and Ive been taking a half every 2-3 hours I went from... read more

Guaifenesin - Mucinex 600mg twice day for an elderly woman?

I am a 82 year old woman, was in a lot of daily joint pain, medicines that have been given by rheumatologist do not work, I am almost crazy with pain and no relief until I tried the Mucinex and tramadol 50mg tab, prescribed on Thurs. Taking Crestor, heart palpitations Cartia, prednisone 5mg,... read more

What OTC drugs relieve tripledemic symptoms in kids?

Are guaifenesin or phenylephrine stimulants?

Does Guaifenesin raise blood pressure?

Can guaifenesin raise blood glucose levels?

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