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Can I take guaifenesin for a non-productive cough that causes spasms?

Posted 21 Jun 2013 by sick2013 8 answers

for chronic bronchitis? a hard, painful cough that causes muscle pains, ear pain, headaches. feels like evrything is insid emy stomach but must be bottom of lungs. Just want to move th emucus out

Is it safe to take a prednisone 20 mg tab with Benadryl 25 mg, Acetaminophen 325 mg, Guaifenesin 20?

Posted 28 Dec 2011 by rebba 1 answer

I have a sinus and allergy problem which leaves me sick a lot so my doctor gave me some prednisone to keep at home so that when I started getting sick I could catch it early. But I am also having a allergy problem and wondered could I take these things together? Or is it harmful.

Does guaifenesin raise your blood pressure??

Posted 29 Dec 2014 by rkd13 1 answer

Guaifenesin - Fibro since 1999- how long do I have to suffer through the exacerbated symptoms?

Posted 2 days 9 hours ago by Babbyla 1 answer

I am barely making it through the day now, I am terrified about symptoms getting worse before they get better. Now that my kids are older or grown, I am reconsidering taking the plunge. Fibro hit full-on in 1999- 16 months after a traumatic event. How long should I expect to be worse after starting ...

Guaifenesin - Does guaifenesin increase the quantity of mucus?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 by R Ruthanne 0 answers

When I take guaifenesin 400 mg every four hours, it seems that the mucus increases in quantity as well as being less thick. Is this to be expected?

Guaifenesin - How much and how often is this medicine taken for fibromyalgia?

Posted 15 Oct 2016 by Painfuldays25 1 answer

I have almost constant severe pain from fibromyalgia and heard this might help.

Guaifenesin - Does Guaifenesen effectively improve constant vocal chord congestion?

Posted 3 Jul 2016 by ahemahem 0 answers

I am a teacher and a singer, and have a years long condition of sinus congestion, not caused by allergy, just constant. I am taking Claritin D which greatly reduces the amount of congestion in my sinuses, and frees me from constantly having to wipe a runny nose. But it doesn't treat another ...

Guaifenesin - Immediate pain with treatment?

Posted 8 Jun 2016 by Fibro83 1 answer

Has anyone started taking this and immediately have widespread pain the next day? I mean literally the next day? I'm still skeptical and trying to figure out if I just so happen to feel worse than ever, coincidentally after starting the guafenisin. Still convincing myself maybe it's ...

Guaifenesin is causing my mother bowel leakage at night, but not during the day. She's on extended?

Posted 26 Feb 2016 by Tui2 0 answers

... release. Should she switch to the every four hours type? She's taking 600 mg every 12 hours.

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