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Can I take guaifenesin for a non-productive cough that causes spasms?

Posted 21 Jun 2013 by sick2013 8 answers

for chronic bronchitis? a hard, painful cough that causes muscle pains, ear pain, headaches. feels like evrything is insid emy stomach but must be bottom of lungs. Just want to move th emucus out

Is it safe to take a prednisone 20 mg tab with Benadryl 25 mg, Acetaminophen 325 mg, Guaifenesin 20?

Posted 28 Dec 2011 by rebba 1 answer

I have a sinus and allergy problem which leaves me sick a lot so my doctor gave me some prednisone to keep at home so that when I started getting sick I could catch it early. But I am also having a allergy problem and wondered could I take these things together? Or is it harmful.

Does guaifenesin raise your blood pressure??

Posted 29 Dec 2014 by rkd13 1 answer

What foods should you not eat when taking guaifenesin 400mg?

Posted 15 days ago by Butterfingers678 0 answers

I have been suffering with fibromyalgia since March 15 2018. I fell down really hard on the sidewalk. Ever since that happened I started having fibromyalgia symptoms. Please tell me if guaifenesin interacts with anti-depressants, anxiety drugs or bipolar drugs? I also need to know what foods to ...

(Mucinex-related) - Does this mean I damaged my stomach / intestine lining?

Posted 12 Jan 2018 by shovelbat 1 answer

Dextromethorphane HBr 20mg, Guaifenesin 400 mg -- "Signature Care DM Max Relief," a Safeway house brand of Mucinex. I took the recommended 20 mL dose one time per day. The first day, I experienced normal drowsiness, two days later on days 2 and 3 included minor stomach irritation as it ...

Could the guaifenesin have caused me to vomit?

Posted 19 Jan 2018 by jenniwill37 1 answer

My doctor prescribed guaifenesin for my bronchitis. One tab every four hours as needed. I stated them at 6pm. I took one at 6pm one at 10pm and one at 2am. When I woke up this morning I vomited up all the water I drank plus bile and mucus, but nothing that I had eaten the night before. Should I ...

What is the protocal with guaifenesin?

Posted 4 Sep 2017 1 answer

I can get the drug otc, but I have no idea of the dosages. I have only used guaifenisin for sinus problems.

Guaifenesin - What happened to 1200 mg generics?

Posted 14 Jun 2017 by Daemone 1 answer

They are all off the market (CVS, Walmart, Target). I can only find Mucinex brand now, which is unreasonably expensive for a 65 year old drug. Many Thanks

Guaifenesin - How long did reversal take for you guys?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by mpb475 0 answers

I take 600mg twice a day. Ive definitely felt an increase in symptoms but. Ive yet to feel any improvement.

Guaifenesin - Fibro since 1999- how long do I have to suffer through the exacerbated symptoms?

Posted 24 Mar 2017 by Babbyla 2 answers

I am barely making it through the day now, I am terrified about symptoms getting worse before they get better. Now that my kids are older or grown, I am reconsidering taking the plunge. Fibro hit full-on in 1999- 16 months after a traumatic event. How long should I expect to be worse after starting ...

Guaifenesin - Does guaifenesin increase the quantity of mucus?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 by R Ruthanne 0 answers

When I take guaifenesin 400 mg every four hours, it seems that the mucus increases in quantity as well as being less thick. Is this to be expected?

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