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My mom takes 40 mg of prednisone daily. She has very unclear thoughts. Is that common.?

Posted 22 Jun 2012 by J4f 6 answers

It is very hard for her to think clearly... she seems to be in slow motion. She has giant cell arthritis and blames the prednisone for her lack of clarity. It is very scary to watch her go through this. Does anyone have any experience they could share

Does birth control still work if my period's aren't synced up to it?

Posted 8 Sep 2015 by KayCeeDee 1 answer

I've been on the same pill (Gianvi) for three to four months now and I have four sugar pills for when I'm supposed to be on my period. But my period's are never in line with the sugar pills, usually they start a day late and go on for more than four days. Does this decrease the ...

Will my depression meds effect the effectiveness of my birth control?

Posted 18 Dec 2012 by ColtsMommy 2 answers

I've taken my birth control pill (Gianvi) on a daily basis as directed and was wondering if my depression medicine (Effexor) could lower the effectiveness rate of it.

Does gianvi make you gain weight?

Posted 15 Dec 2011 by savvy123 2 answers

i've been on depo for about a year, and i have gain alot of weight,and i'm very active. i need to be on a pill that doesn't cause weight gain. i have a friend who switched to gianvi and has lost weight and she said she feels really good. is she just lucky? or does gianvi not cause ...

What is the difference between Yaz and Gianvi?

Posted 25 Mar 2012 by kmsmith19 1 answer

I have been taking Yaz for 4 years (after switching from ortho tri cyclen) and have never had any problems with mood, weight, acne, sex drive, etc. I was given Gianvi as the generic and like any responsible woman, started to research. All I have found are horror stories from women who switched from ...

How soon will my face clear up on solodyn? Will it make me break out at the beginning?

Posted 18 Jul 2013 by landisrobichaud 1 answer

I have been taking solodyn exactly for 2 weeks. I am also on my 3rd month of birth control (gianvi). Both are being taken for face, chest, and back acne.

Brown Spotting only on 3rd Placebo Pill?

Posted 3 Apr 2015 by hannah8 2 answers

Question Preview 3rd Day of Placebo Pills, No Period? Alright, I've been taking Gianvi, the generic of Yaz, for the past two months. The first month I remember getting my period just fine. Now I'm on my 3rd placebo pill out of 4 and wondering if I will get my period at all, and all ...

Can I skip all seven placebo pills in Tri-Sprintec?

Posted 4 Mar 2013 by DonnaShield 1 answer

I recently switched to this pill after several years on Yaz/Gianvi. My last pill had four placebo pills and I usually just threw them out. I want to make sure that the last seven in the Tri-Sprintec packs are all completely placebos and missing them will not be an issue. Thanks!

Is it normal to skip a period while taking birth control pills?

Posted 29 Oct 2011 by ccjjvv 1 answer

I've been on the gianvi birth control pills for 6 months and i have never skipped a pill and i always took them on time. There are 24 pink pills followed by 4 white pills. Well I just finished the pack of pills and i never got my period and im starting the new pack of pills tomorrow. So is it ...

I haven't missed any gianvi pills, but I had unprotected sex last night. I took plan B today. Do I?

Posted 8 Apr 2012 by hhbhollister 2 answers

... take my Gianvi pill tonight as well?

I started taking Gianvi for the first time last month. My pack was all white pills with 4 pink pills

Posted 20 Apr 2014 by Gina916 2 answers

... 5 days before the pack would end. I just got a new pack and its all pink with 4 white at the end. What does this mean. I havent gotten my period and I dont know what this means regarding sex

Gianvi - how to get my period to link up with my white pills?

Posted 5 Dec 2014 by mimy5665 1 answer

I have been taking Gianvi birth control for over three months and my periods still do not link up with the white pills. my period always comes on the first or second day of my new pack. I'm tired of having to wait and worry for so long. how can i get them to match up at least a little bit?

Gianvi - Do you have to take the pill at the exact same time?

Posted 20 Aug 2015 by Ruby 10 2 answers

I started gianiv a week ago and I was wondering of the pill has to be taken at the exact same time or can it be a few minutes/ hours late? If so how many minuets or hours is the max you can take it later

Can gianvi stop youre menstrual period?

Posted 19 Feb 2011 by banano1 1 answer

Im taken gianvi for 3 months and the last 2 months, I dont see my period that is normal?

Gianvi - First pack, missed/late period, had sex last week... getting concerned?

Posted 24 Jul 2013 by Artic 1 answer

I started Gianvi recently. (Just finished my first pack) My period is now late, which usually isn't concerning, but I had sex with my boyfriend within the last week. I did take a pregnancy test, which was negative, but I'm still concerned. Is it normal for your first period to be late ...

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