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Genotropin Questions

We found 10 questions associated with the 'Genotropin' topic.

Is genotropin safe to mix with prednisone?

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by Zandersmom84 0 answers

Genotropin - Wot would I expect to see?

Posted 8 Jun 2016 by Markymark77 0 answers

My son just started genotropin like one month ago. I would like to know if somebody else know?

Posted 27 Sep 2014 by yany1 1 answer

something about coughing of side effects. He is having a dry cough. He is having the cough since one week ago. I take him to his primary doctor and she said is allergies. But I am not seeing that the medications are helping him.. please if somebody can help me. I"ll appreciate.

Hello- I am new here and was wondering if anyone else is using the Genotropin Aq10 pen and notices?

Posted 13 Jan 2013 by Mary MV 1 answer

... the awful petroleum smell. I'm just curious. I know the pens have the Mcresol in it but the miniquick doesn't, but the smell is horrendous. I was on Nutropin before and it never smelled. I have had to file a report twice as it had a bad effect on me. First vial was bad, second not as ...

Ive been told genotropin addministered to a healthy male adult who is body building will make him?

Posted 10 Jul 2010 by redtilidead 1 answer

... lose fat and give muscle definition.Is this true or false.?

My question is,I have a seven year old daughter who is taking Genotropin,she is kinda little but my?

Posted 17 Jun 2011 by Mike and alley 1 answer

... moms side was little,shes not any smaller than I was when I was her age,She has taken them for a few years now,could it hurt her to quit taking the shots,Im not sure she even needs them

When I give the Genotropin Miniquick Shots, there are times when I can't get the plunger down?

Posted 4 Apr 2011 by still 1 answer

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? It seems locked and causes multiple times of trying?

Take .6mg Genotropin for AGHD. Did make me have more energy and feel more postive, but no longer?

Posted 1 Oct 2010 by weathered 1 answer

I was slowly increased to .6mg. IGF-1 level now 168 from before where it was 80-100 on .2 and .4 mg. I am a 48yr old female with a TBI diagnosed with AGHD. Felt better for awhile. Able to get through errands and the day with more energy and positive outlook. Now I am back to being tired and not ...

A ten year old boy I am caring for seems to be experiencing symptoms of roid rage on genotropin ?

Posted 14 Dec 2009 by malk 1 answer

I am an RN caring for a ten year old boy receiving genotropin. His extremely aggressive behavior subsided after not receiving his medication for several weeks due to prescription renewal delay. I would describe his behavior to his mother as a "flip of a switch". I am very concerned as he ...

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