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Whats the difference between ER & SR & CR tablet formulations? (I need a reference)?

Posted 10 Nov 2010 by cpharmacist 1 answer

for example in diltiazem or SSRI products

How can I submit a conference?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by soleneinvivox 0 answers

Why aren`t more people trying this for their health ?

Posted 8 Mar 2017 by JHDK 2 answers

I have been megadosing on vitamins for 3 months now, and my general health has improved tremendously. Mostly I`ve been doing vitamin c and vitamin B3 (niacin). I have so much more energy and is more focused and not emotionally volatile anymore. It truely is like a miracle.

What is effect of more and more drugs now on post ww2 baby boomers?

Posted 11 Feb 2016 by Sambs 0 answers

I am interested in health in general of older people in their late 60s & 70s - 1st Generation Baby Boomers. Especially as our fathers served in many parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. I see more and more of similiar age to me who after both male and female menopause ages, are developing more ...

Bright red blood on outside of large hard stool?!?

Posted 11 Sep 2015 by hawk4754 1 answer

I apologize for the gross question. I had blood in my stool. I usually have very large stools, and this particular one was also very dry and painful when coming out. I noticed on one of the stools there was some blood. Obviously, this was terrifying for me. I was wondering if this seems to be a ...

My friend has following symptoms- Anxiety, suspicious of everyone close to her,uncontrolled anger?

Posted 12 Sep 2014 by pacchai 2 answers

40 years old, female. General health in normal condition. Suffered a bout of HERPES below the shoulders in 2011 and was treated and cured..Symptoms of depression and anxiety started showing up one month after the medication for Herpes.She was treated in 2012 onwards with Fostera 5mg and Restin 5mg ...

My friend has been taking Aleve daily for years because of bad teeth. Still has some teeth issues?

Posted 8 Apr 2013 by Don Lambert 1 answer

... but when he try's to quit taking Aleve his general health suffers. Is there a good way to slowly cut down or stop taken this product?

Hi- Just invited you to be friends with all knowledge you have on this site?

Posted 8 Dec 2012 4 answers

I am new here. You seem to ave good answers for good questions, and bad questions. either way, I added you as yu may come in handy and vica versa, thanks RC

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