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Gender Questions

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Belsomra - gender and age qualifiers would help reviewer so much better?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by tiredoldlady62 2 answers

I am a 62 yo female already through menopause (10 years). I have not slept since then. It would be so much more helpful if these reviews could be sorted by gender and age. I really only want to read reviews of people of similar age and gender as mine. The other reviews are a waste of my time. Thank ...

Uvula being too long causing breathing/swallowing problems?

Posted 14 Nov 2016 by E25H 0 answers

Age : 19 - Gender : Male I been having slight problems swallowing food off and on, I usually only need to drink something to clear the problem, but I have also had breathing problem if I sleep on my back. I wake up gasping for air but this only happens if I sleep on my back, it has not happened ...

Metronidazole - Is it for women only or both genders?

Posted 5 Oct 2016 by Ralph56 0 answers

Can both genders take the drug?

Trazodone - Why people don't mention age,gender and weight?

Posted 9 Jun 2016 by Gloria eb 2 answers

It would be more helpfull if people add their age, gender and weight. Medicines affect everyone differently. Thank you, Gloria

I want to find out what the best medication is to help with transitioning from male to female?

Posted 20 Dec 2015 by Gabby13 2 answers

I've just started on my journey of changing my gender from male to female and I need the best possible advice as I don't want to end up with a DVT or something similar which would cause me to end up in hospital x

What could cause swelling of the lips first thing in the morning, as a male?

Posted 6 Mar 2016 by sharonadkins1969 1 answer

I am of the male gender and woke up one morning and my lips were swollen. What could possibly cause this?

Gender Dysphoria - Where can I consult a doctor?

Posted 17 Sep 2015 by Oneova_kind808 1 answer

Who do I call about medication prescriptions for gender dysphoria??

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