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Anyone ever experienced a staph infection in their finger known as Felon multiple times?

Posted 7 Nov 2013 by rockxxromance 4 answers

I've had an ingrown nail on my finger get infected and then begin to turn a purple-yellow-ish color as well as swell. After a few days, I awoke to my finger throbbing in pain and it had ballooned up to about twice its size in the tip! I read online you could possibly lose your finger if you ...

Can you use Jublia on your fingernails?

Posted 9 Feb 2018 by Deblisa 0 answers

I was prescribed Jublia for a fingernail infection called onycholosis and I got bad side effects. I wrote to the FDA and the manufacturer Valeant and they told me it's not FDA approved for anything other than onychomycosis, which is a fungal infection of the toenails only! I had peeling, ...

Can Jublia be returned to the manufacturer if it has given me side effects?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Deblisa 1 answer

I was diagnosed with a fingernail infection called Onycholysis not a toenail infection yet my dermatologist prescribed Jublia. It was extremely expensive and too strong where I had burning and swelling so I could NOT use it. I was given a 90 day supply and paid over $3500 for this drug that I can ...

Is Jublia also prescribed for onycholysis which is an infection of the fingernail?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Deblisa 0 answers

I had a severe case of onycholysis of the fingernails and my dermatologist prescribed Jublia. It was a new drug that was extremely expensive and my insurance co did not even cover it. I put out over $3500 for a 90 day supply and I want my money back. I tried returning it to the pharmacy and they ...

Is this a Felon? And can it heal?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 by TMLFAN 0 answers

I have had a finger infection for a couple days now and it seems to have swelled down a bit but there’s a white circle under the edge of my fingernail it doesn’t hurt bad but I can feel it. Should I seek medical help? I’ve had finger infections a lot of times before and they all ...

Camping came home with a resident worm under my skin. Do I go to ER or urgent care or get a dr appt?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by Kelly303 1 answer

went camping. Noticed a day or two later what looked to be an in grown fingernail. But kept noticing it changing shape and wiggling around. It was there 2 days same spot. Of course i didnt want to be the idiot in the ER with an in grown fingernail. So i waited the next day after poking it pushing ...

Terbinafine - Will it stop my fingernail bed from being red and sore?

Posted 15 May 2017 by scolav 0 answers

My fingers are red and swollen and it hurts. Some of my nails are growing with ridges and have turned brittle.

My fingernail tips keep getting further and further down toward the quick. What is the problem and?

Posted 11 May 2017 by Joanna5555 0 answers

... how do I stop it? I'm afraid they could get so bad they would fall off? I also have ridges.

Fingernails and toenails have stopped growing?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 by csong 0 answers

I hadn't realized they stopped completely until I was admiring my entirely intact Mani-Pedi THREE WEEKS after I did my nails, at which point I became concerned as my fingernails have always grown in strong and fast. I don't indulge in nail salons or gels, and I use the same brands of ...

Onychomycosis - Fingernail - The instructions say to wait 8 hours before bathing. If I use?

Posted 24 Jan 2017 by Auntied_53 0 answers

... ciclopirox nail lacquer on my fingernails can I wash my hands or get the nails wet briefly after less time than that, like maybe 15 minutes or more as long as the hands/nails are only in water or soap briefly?

Lamisil - my doctor said I should take 2 pills a day for a week then nothing for the next three..?

Posted 13 Oct 2016 by shineberry 0 answers

... then 2 pills a day for a week ... is that right ? can i take them that way ? ( i've been seeing where people take 1 a day everyday ) i have Fingernail fungus on three finger nails and it is spreading to another finger.. My doctor prescribed me jubilia at first but it was not helping, so ...

I have been prescribed antiobiotics and lamisil cream for infection on 3 fingernails?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by Loud27 0 answers

One nail :the infection is like an upside down yellow/white V shape which covers almost all the nail itself . The thumb is somewhat similar but only a patch of nail from tip is discoloured. The third nail is what the antiobiotics are for. Although not discoloured it is filled with infection, the ...

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