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Fingernail Questions

We found 12 questions associated with the 'Fingernail' topic.

Anyone ever experienced a staph infection in their finger known as Felon multiple times?

Posted 7 Nov 2013 by rockxxromance 4 answers

I've had an ingrown nail on my finger get infected and then begin to turn a purple-yellow-ish color as well as swell. After a few days, I awoke to my finger throbbing in pain and it had ballooned up to about twice its size in the tip! I read online you could possibly lose your finger if you ...

Can amoxicillin help with fingernail fungus?

Posted 24 Dec 2013 by sonyvaio 1 answer

What could be causing the pain in my fingernails?

Posted 27 Feb 2015 by Faygo 1 answer

For the past couple of weeks, I wake up and notice pain in one or two of my fingernails. It's only really noticeable when I apply pressure to the top of my fingernail or on my finger under the nail. I don't see any bruising or discoloration and the pain usually goes away by the end of the ...

Finger - Nail ridges and Skin Problem?

Posted 12 Jun 2013 by freendeed 1 answer

I've had these ridges on my fingernails for as long as I can remember but they seem to be getting worse and now a "mottled peeling" of skin on some of my fingers has appeared. I've had chronic pain for years (with the attendent medications), have sleep apnea/no-slow-wave-sleep, ...

How expensive are fingernail drug tests?

Posted 10 Oct 2013 by crazydoglady68 1 answer

Erbitux - How do I treat finger and nail infections?

Posted 25 Jan 2014 by Terri barrios 1 answer

The skin around my fingernails is infected, I have sores and very sensitive to pain when anything g touches the top part of my fingers

Why are my finger nails splitting and braking?

Posted 4 May 2015 by tkm4604 1 answer

My fingernails are thin and have horizontal ridges and break easily i have to keep them cut really short,is this due to a mineral deficincy or diet

Can Jublia be returned to the manufacturer if it has given me side effects?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Deblisa 1 answer

I was diagnosed with a fingernail infection called Onycholysis not a toenail infection yet my dermatologist prescribed Jublia. It was extremely expensive and too strong where I had burning and swelling so I could NOT use it. I was given a 90 day supply and paid over $3500 for this drug that I can ...

Has anyone had problems with their finger nails since starting Forteo ?

Posted 17 Jun 2013 by melinda m 1 answer

I have been on the drug shots for 3 months, and just 2 weeks ago all my fingernails starting splintering in half. I know its the drug affecting this.

Does antifungals cancel each other out if taken within 24 hours of each other?

Posted 14 Jan 2015 by evonna 1 answer

Fluconazole (100-150 mg) and terbinafine( 250 mg) taken daily will they cancel each other out or "enhance" each other. I was told that if you have a fingernail/toenail infection the groin area must be treated at the same time. Then I was told that they cancel each other out, then I was ...

What are the ridges all up my right thumb nail? Its been like this for years?

Posted 27 Apr 2015 by jagask75 1 answer

I was just looking up beaus lines, since i have lines all up my right thumb nail. the left isn't so bad, just one dent, that gets worse then gets better. it'll range from a small lump to a bigger one. my right nail has gotten worse over the years. itll range from line to a few and/or a ...

Camping came home with a resident worm under my skin. Do I go to ER or urgent care or get a dr appt?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by Kelly303 1 answer

went camping. Noticed a day or two later what looked to be an in grown fingernail. But kept noticing it changing shape and wiggling around. It was there 2 days same spot. Of course i didnt want to be the idiot in the ER with an in grown fingernail. So i waited the next day after poking it pushing ...

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