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Facial Wrinkles News

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Health Tip: Avoid the Appearance of Aging

Posted 18 days ago by

-- There's little you can do about wrinkles appearing – they're a natural part of the aging process. That doesn't mean you can't take steps to avoid becoming too wrinkled, the American Academy of Dermatology says. Here's are the academy's suggestions: Wear sunscreen daily and apply it to all skin that is not covered by clothing. Do not tan from the sun or a tanning bed. Exposure to UV rays can ...

Aging Face, Uneven Features?

Posted 9 Nov 2018 by

FRIDAY, Nov. 9, 2018 – If you think your face is a bit lopsided, just wait until you get older. New research shows that differences between the two sides of your face increase with age. For the study, scientists used 3-D digital imaging to scan the faces of 191 people, aged 4 months to 88 years, to assess how facial symmetry changed with age. The results revealed small – but measurable and ...

If You're Considering Cosmetic Surgery…

Posted 5 Nov 2018 by

MONDAY, Nov. 5, 2018 – More than 17 million cosmetic procedures are performed in the United States each year. Most of these are minimally invasive, designed to improve your appearance in subtle ways without the surgery, stitches and long healing time of early facelifts, once the only rejuvenating option available. Today's most popular procedures are: Botox injections to soften lines, with more ...

Health Tip: Botox Isn't Just for Wrinkles

Posted 26 Oct 2018 by

-- Botox is made by a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It's been used as a way to treat eye and nerve disorders for more than 20 years, the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology says. While people typically think of Botox as a remedy for facial wrinkles, the AOCD says it's FDA-approved to also treat: Crossed eyes (strabismus). Twitching of the eyelides ...

Need Your Botox Working Faster? Make a Face

Posted 25 Oct 2018 by

THURSDAY, Oct. 25, 2018 – Have a big social event tomorrow night and need "emergency Botox"? A new study finds that if you get the wrinkle-relaxing shots today, you can speed up the effect by making faces. Simple facial exercises can speed the wrinkle-smoothing effects of botulinum toxin (Botox), according to researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago. "Patients often leave getting ...

New Wrinkle in Heart Health: Furrowed Brows May Bode Ill

Posted 27 Aug 2018 by

MONDAY, Aug. 27, 2018 – A furrowed brow could be a red flag for your heart health, a new French study suggests. People who have more deep forehead wrinkles than is typical for their age might have a higher risk of dying from heart disease, researchers found. Those with the deepest wrinkles on their brow had nearly 10 times the death risk from heart problems as those with no wrinkles at all, even ...

Can a Maple Leaf Help You Look Younger?

Posted 20 Aug 2018 by

MONDAY, Aug. 20, 2018 – A maple leaf extract may help prevent wrinkles, scientists say. In a new study, researchers found that certain compounds in maple leaves block the release of an enzyme called elastase, which breaks down a protein called elastin as people age. Elastin helps maintain skin elasticity. Previous work by the same University of Rhode Island researchers found that these same ...

Cosmetic Procedures Boost Well-Being, Poll Shows

Posted 15 Aug 2018 by

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 15, 2018 – People who choose minimally invasive cosmetic procedures do so because they want to feel good, not just look good, a new survey finds. For the study, researchers polled roughly 500 U.S. adult patients, most of whom were white women, aged 45 and up. All had undergone some type of relatively non-invasive cosmetic procedure between 2016 and 2017. The results revealed that ...

Scientists Rid Mice of Wrinkles, Hair Loss

Posted 23 Jul 2018 by

MONDAY, July 23, 2018 – It's only worked in mice so far, but scientists report a finding that might pave a path to erase the signs of aging in humans. In the new study, the researchers focused on the function of mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells. They produce 90 percent of the chemical energy that cells need to survive, according to the study. When the study team triggered a mutation that ...

Health Tip: Have a Fun and Safe Vacation

Posted 2 Jul 2018 by

-- Nothing can ruin a summer vacation faster than an unexpected trip to the hospital. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers these suggestions for a healthier vacation: Avoid tanning or spending too much time in the sun. Check your medications before you leave to make sure you have enough. Never pack medication in checked luggage. If you wear contacts, always use clean hands when putting ...

Looking Good! Plastic Surgery for Men Surges

Posted 13 Jun 2018 by

WEDNESDAY, June 13, 2018 – A growing number of American men are having cosmetic surgery to improve their looks and increase their confidence, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports. More than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on U.S. men in 2017, according to the group. "For a lot of men, just having a procedure on an area of their body that they're self-conscious about ...

'Face-Aging' Photos Convince Tanners to Shun the Sun

Posted 31 May 2018 by

THURSDAY, May 31, 2018 – Where fear of skin cancer has little effect, vanity may succeed. In a new study, sun worshippers who were shown computer images of how their face would age after years of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure often decided to quit the tanning habit. In fact, "a single, 10-minute exposure to one's own face, digitally aged, with and without excessive UV exposure, reduced indoor ...

What Drives Millennials to Tan, Knowing the Risks?

Posted 2 May 2018 by

WEDNESDAY, May 2, 2018 – Many millennials and young people continue to tan, despite warnings about the link between excess sun exposure and skin cancer, new research warns. Some are poorly informed about the potential harms of bronzed or burned skin. Others overlook safety concerns, often driven by low self-esteem or narcissism, said study lead author Amy Watson. Many young people make tanning ...

Take Online Reviews of Plastic Surgeons With a Grain of Salt

Posted 27 Apr 2018 by

FRIDAY, April 27, 2018 – Online reviews of surgeons who perform cosmetic plastic surgery may be unreliable, researchers say. The researchers examined 1,077 online reviews about breast augmentation surgeons that were posted by people in six large U.S. cities. There were 935 positive and 142 negative reviews. "We found the people who write these reviews are either very happy or unhappy, so it's ...

Health Tip: Understanding Dermal Fillers

Posted 16 Apr 2018 by

-- Dermal fillers can help smooth out smile lines and crow's feet, or plump up lips and cheeks that have lost their fullness. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates the use of dermal fillers as medical devices. Examples include collagen injections, hyaluronic acid gel or Poly-L-lactic acid. Use of these products does not come without risks. The most common side effects include: bruising, ...

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