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Has anyone else had a neurostimulator implanted for pain control?

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by kathyhanson 35 answers

My pain management doctor is going to try epidurals for my back pain, but if they don't work, he wants to try a neurostimulator. I would really appreciate comments/experiences/suggestions from anyone who has a neurostimulator. I don't look forward to another minor surgery, but if the ...

I stopped taking my Xarelto 36 hours ago. Is it safe for a epidural?

Posted 11 Sep 2017 by qpaintr1 1 answer

I am scheduled for a epidural in 36 hours and my last dose of Xarelto i took was 5 hours ago. Is it safe to get an epidural?

Did any of you have an epidural for back pain and the numbing agent didn't work?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by MB29 2 answers

I felt the whole unpleasant procedure and now (next day) I'm in worse pain than I was before it. I called the doctors and left messages... no ones called me back. ugh! I have a pretty strong pain tolerance too. It was for a bulging disc... s1 and lots of nerve damage. Ironically I swear this ...

Why do I have severe pain in hip joints and knees?

Posted 11 Jul 2017 by QUITEHUMAN 1 answer

I had a fusion L4 and L5 2007.I have four screws and two pins in that area.I went back to work and made it in pain for tens more years until I broke completely down.I had several epidurals over the ten year span.Finally I had the last resource a SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR IMPLANT.It reduces the pain ...

Can an epidural relieve pain in the upper thigh & groin ,caused by a labrum tear?

Posted 15 Jun 2017 by Thigh2knee57 0 answers

I don't believe its my back cause my back never hurt me, although other Drs. think its a back problem. I do show a Labrum tear on my Mri, and it is the thigh <groin to knee ONLY in right leg. Again no back pain. The anesthesiologists who gave me the epidural says its my back. But my real ...

Dizziness, fatigue after lumbar epidural steroid shot?

Posted 18 Dec 2016 by Nira shah 0 answers

I have herniated disc issue in lumbar L4-L5 3 months back . My orthopedic doctor prescribed steroid tablet for 5 days and after that dyclofenac tablet for 5 weeks. Everything was going good with the medicine and physical therapy. Suddenly I started feeling tingling,numbness and pinching in all over ...

Postpartum & IUD Intercourse Pain?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by Rkellymae 0 answers

I am 21 years old & I'm 3 months postpartum. I had a vaginal birth with an epidural & episiotomy & I had the Mirena IUD put in 6 weeks ago. My fiancé & I had sex a few times before the IUD & a few more times afterward since the baby's birth. Before the IUD, sex ...

Having an epidural done?

Posted 2 May 2016 by darnpain 2 answers

Need to have this procedure done but am very nervous due to the fact that I heard if I was to move at all this could cause perrallasis..just want to be able to hopefully have some comfort with out pain meds so I can accomplish things.. Anyone know if it's true or not about not moving. Any feed ...

How much is too much prednisone?

Posted 6 Feb 2016 by knorris0101 1 answer

On January 14 2016 I had an epidural steroid shot after 3 back surgeries. I was told in 7 to 10 days some relief would come. Still in unbearable pain ,On the 20th I had a steroid shot in my hip area which helped tremendously. Today is feb 6th and For the past week I have been right back to severe ...

Please pass to R. Zein, Pharm D. I read her response on taking Medrol. My question is, since e?

Posted 6 Feb 2016 by jsienrukos 0 answers

a person cannot take Medrol over a long period of time, would an epidural on my lower back pain work?

Are epidurals and nerve blocks the same thing?

Posted 2 Mar 2014 by Amiyah 1 answer

I NEED HELP? I have a plethora of back and neck problems! I have three herniated disc in my neck, two bulging disc in Lumbar, two fractures in the thoracic (The curvature in this area caused scoliosis), spinal stenosis, cord compression, pinched nerves, damage nerves, et al. I receive injections in ...

Pregnancy - Hi, I am a major deppression patient and 30 weeks pregnant who is on abilify 2.5 mg for?

Posted 6 Jun 2015 by berkal5 1 answer

... the last 6 yrs. i have questions: First, i am 42 yrs old want togive c section birth so i need to take epidural anastesia during giving this possible? Second, did anyone breastfeed while taking abilify? Or any data about abilify and breastfeeding? Want to know the effects on the ...

I am 76 years old and have been avoiding surgery for over 45 years ago when I stepped of a wall in?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by J Swartz 1 answer

... the dark and landed on my butt, pretty well recovered after several years, only to be in 2 near fatal auto collisions 5 years apart. I treated with several years of epidurals (cortisone pain blocks) for several years when they quit working. My MRI shows that I have (1)a straightening from ...

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