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Endocarditis Questions

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Can being severly ill for a long period of time cause hair loss?`?

Posted 8 Feb 2017 by SharonLBach 1 answer

I have Crohn's Disease, Hypertention, Asthma, IBS, Chronic Pancreatitis and short bowel syndrome. In the last 24 months I have had Endocarditis, Pneumonia 3 times, magnesium levels as low as 0.1, two bladder infections, one that went toxic sending my blood pressure down to 31/45 causing my ...

Acute Endocarditis-- Once treated with Oxacillin for three weeks, can the bacteria or septic emboli?

Posted 7 Sep 2015 by sammyp5690 0 answers

... travel to the lungs? Have two doctors saying two different things?

Prosthetic heart valve replacement surgery advice please?

Posted 3 Apr 2015 by Delila 3 answers

Hi, my father (who is 65) NEEDS a mitral valve heart replacement (due to past complications with Endocarditis whilst already having a damaged mitral valve). He is getting more sick by the day but is putting off the operation as he is TERRIFIED about having it done. I know this is a big ask, but can ...

My son had a staph infection with endocarditis after having a pacemaker put in, at the age of 20.?

Posted 23 Jan 2015 by CGWmom1993 1 answer

... The staph infection was a result of the pacemaker surgery, so the pacemaker was removed, 6 weeks of home IV antibiotics, and a few weeks later another pacemaker was put in. Since then, he has had pain in the chest and left arm, fatigue, weakness, high blood pressure and very fast heart rates. ...

Congestive Heart Failure - I think I am going to die:i am a 35 yr old female with history of?

Posted 20 Aug 2013 by bloodbath 3 answers

... cardiomyopathy,CHF,endocarditis,pulmonary embolism,but have lived through all of that... but there is something else wrong now,my heart is beating so erratically consistently,can u please help me?

Endocarditis - what were your symptoms and how long before you were finally diagnosed?

Posted 30 Apr 2012 by kwade04 1 answer

I'm having a hard time getting a Dr to test me for bacterial endocarditis, can some of you tell me your symptoms and how long it took to be diagnosed?

Infectious Endocarditis - hi, I'm new, anyone else finding it hard coming to terms with endocarditis

Posted 8 May 2011 by rerun2575 5 answers

I got endocarditis back in 09 and had to have open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and patch up the mitrol valve. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with this and wondering if anyone else feels the same way?

I've been on Coumadin since July 18, 2001 after a bout with Endocarditis. I now have a mechanical?

Posted 12 Apr 2011 by normfrankn 6 answers

... Mitral valve. I almost died from the infection. I'm sick of taking Coumadin every night, 4mg - 2mg On Wednesdays. I have a PT/INR drawn every 2 weeks and my range is 2.5-3.5 INR. It is a bad drug that has almost killed me twice. I have no choice, the only times I do off it is for surgery. ...

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