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Ear Conditions - What is ring in the ears?

Posted 16 Mar 2016 by enash 1 answer

I have continue ring in my ears can't sleep at night please help

I found an old rx ear drops called antipyrine and benzocaine otic solution usp but no box with info?

Posted 29 Sep 2015 by courtneychapman 1 answer

I found only the bottle with the name no box with instructions or details on what it's for does anyone know what their for thank u

Hearing loss in right ear. Should I be concerned?

Posted 10 Dec 2013 by llewellyn_girl95 2 answers

I am an 18 year old female. I do have a slight hearing problem on my right side. When I asked my dad if he knew what had caused it he said when I was younger I had put a q- tip in to far. That had cause a small tear in my ear drum. I have noticed over the past years that if I do not clean my ears ...

Is hearing loss permenent from from an explosion and how will know?

Posted 27 Nov 2013 by murf1948 1 answer

say from close gun shot.

Facial numbness and pain on just the left side-?

Posted 21 Feb 2011 by Sulleninspire 2 answers

Experiencing dysesthesia on the left side of my face. Started with a seering pain, that I thought might be dental- but oral surgeon and dentist ruled out any problems there. Also met with my primary care, and took two courses of antibotics to make sure I didn't have an ear infection. 5 months ...

Penicillin - can you take mucinex dm with penicillian?

Posted 10 Jan 2010 by bellamia31683 1 answer

my boyfriend is allergic to penicillian basically anything in the cillian family. can he take mucinex dm?

Ive had a sharp pain in my ear for about 3 months now,ive been to my family dr.but it hasnt helped?

Posted 30 Dec 2010 by Mommyof2babies 1 answer

when i went to my family dr she told me it could be from my smoking , and she said also that i had fluid in my ear.. ive Never had an earache before.. but my friend was telling me the sharp random pain doesnt seem like an earache .. i was on a zpac but i never got any ear drops or anything.. the ...

Does anyone know if otomize is egg based?

Posted 7 Nov 2010 by deana22 1 answer

Is a ear ache a bacterial or viral infection?

Posted 1 Oct 2009 by jeanberry 2 answers

I have a earache and I was wondering if it is bacterial or viral infection

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