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Dietary Supplementation Questions

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Does Zinc protect you from Covid-19 or boost your immune system?

Can vitamin C prevent or treat COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

What is glutathione used for?

What is piracetam used for?

What are the side effects of Vitamin D?

Does vitamin D help with depression?

Does chocolate impair calcium absorption?

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil - What's the difference between them?

What is bromelain used for?

How long till my Vitamin D supplements make me feel better?

I was just diagnosed with low Vitamin D. I originally went to the doctor because of severe leg, feet, and hand cramps. He did blood work, and it turns out my level is 5.9. I am now on 50,000 iu per week and 2000 iu per day. I just started this week, but I honestly feel worse instead of better. My... read more

What is sucralose? Is it bad for you?

I Was told I was low in vitamin D and read that vitamin D3 is the vitamin to take. It's all confusi?

I Was told I was low in vitamin D and read that vitamin D3 is the vitamin to take. It's all confusing to me. I am a 69 year old female with severe Crohns Disease, anemia (just had two more blood transfusions) and arthritis. A combination of D3, Magnesium and Calcium made a huge difference with... read more

RE: Vyvanse Vitamin and Mineral Interaction I found out that Vitamin C, B12,D,Magnesium and a?

... slew of other vitamins have interactions with Vyvance. What am I supposed to do if I have deficiencies and need these vitamins?

Can I take vitamin C and D3 together?

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