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Dietary Supplementation Questions

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How long till my Vitamin D supplements make me feel better?

Posted 8 Mar 2013 by viclewis 5 answers

I was just diagnosed with low Vitamin D. I originally went to the doctor because of severe leg, feet, and hand cramps. He did blood work, and it turns out my level is 5.9. I am now on 50,000 iu per week and 2000 iu per day. I just started this week, but I honestly feel worse instead of better. My ...

Is FoltanX equivalent to MetanX?

Posted 16 Jan 2014 by cbordeman 2 answers

My pharmacist says it's NOT a generic, but a proper replacement... this at my demand that MetanX generics are NOT even close (there are even class action suits). I know MetanX is used to treat pain from Diabetic Neuropathy, and I believe it worked well before. I'm afraid this ...

How many scripts and vitatmins can be taken together at one time safely if you have gastroparesis?

Posted 16 Mar 2018 by Chasdambro 0 answers

I have recently been discharged and my discharge instructions have no advice or instructions on how to take my many scripts and vitamins. I am suffering from gastroparesis and sometimes it takes 12hrs for food to pass through my system. Do you have an opinion on this?

Carvedilol - Is there any vitamins that you shouldn't take with Coreg?

Posted 1 Mar 2018 by Angelasmiles74 0 answers

Is there any vitamins that shouldn't be taken with Coreg?

Does anyone use vitamin patches?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by Yama55 0 answers

I’m nauseous most of the time and am having trouble taking vitamins and supplements in pill form. If you have used patches for vitamin delivery I’d love to know how they worked for you and where you purchased. Thanks

DHEA Supplements & Blood Work?

Posted 15 Feb 2018 by melissa1392 0 answers

Would 100mg of DHEA supplement cause my DHEA Blood Work to be high?

Pradaxa, Flecainide, Mag 64. How should I take these 3 medicines on a daily basis twice a day?

Posted 13 Feb 2018 by buddygramma 0 answers

Pradaxa, Flecainide, Mag 64. How should I take these 3 medicines on a daily basis twice a day. Can they be taken together ?? With or without Food? Ok to take Flecainide and Pradaxa together on an empty stomach? Also I have CKD stage 3. I have mild Afib I also am on oxygen at night. I am 76 years ...

Spirulina and B12 how far should you space them apart?

Posted 30 Jan 2018 by DaveyA 1 answer

I’ve recently read that the analogue/inactive B12 within Spirulina can inhibit the absorption of a B12 supplement if taken at the same time. I’m wondering if anybody knows how far apart you should therefore space them? Would it be sufficient to do one in the morning and the other in ...

Niacinamide - How long will it take after stopping this vitamin will the ulcers go away?

Posted 6 Feb 2018 by Thotfulgirl 0 answers

My face recently started to break out with very intense itchy ulcers. Sebaceous glands swollen and painful. I started taking niacinamide for cosmetic improvements, instead I got a face covered with painful sores. I'm stopping taking it just now and wonder how long it will take for my skin to ...

Does skullcap help with depression. Anxiety. And pain?

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by Horseymom 1 answer

I'm looking for a vitamins that will help with anxiety. Because my Dr wants to ween me off zanix. That I have been on for a very very long time. So all don't want binzos. I would like to do natrol. Any idea. Thanks

Nivolumab - Another alternate to medicine?

Posted 28 Dec 2017 by Curiositycat0707 0 answers

Is there any maybe vitamin, plant, juice, pills, or any thing over counter that my boyfriend could take prior to chemotherapy? I've been skimming over some reviews n I was just curious if there was other alternatives. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He claims it is mucous lung ...

Guidance on vitamin supplements on Lamotragine? Calcium? D? B complex?

Posted 20 Nov 2017 by Gavvymc 0 answers

Had anyone had any specialist guidance, or know of a reputable website about what vitamin supplement dosages are advised when taking Lamotragine (Lamictal). Apparently calcium, vit D, the B's including folic acid become deficient, and do should be supplemented. Any others? But there seem to ...

Can add a space for Vitamins & Supplements? I showed my Dr the list of drugs & allergies?

Posted 10 Oct 2017 by Kitty317 1 answer

... Then he said Why aren’t your vitamins listed? Did you stop taking them? I said no the app doesn’t have a space to put them. So for now I am just listing them under my drugs. Thank you for looking into this. This will make many of us happy. This is a great app but needs space to add ...

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