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Dietary Supplementation Questions

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Does Zinc protect you from Covid-19 or boost your immune system?

Can vitamin C prevent or treat COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

Does vitamin D help with depression?

What are the side effects of Vitamin D?

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil - What's the difference between them?

How long till my Vitamin D supplements make me feel better?

I was just diagnosed with low Vitamin D. I originally went to the doctor because of severe leg, feet, and hand cramps. He did blood work, and it turns out my level is 5.9. I am now on 50,000 iu per week and 2000 iu per day. I just started this week, but I honestly feel worse instead of better. My... read more

Prevagen and Neuriva both claim to be memory boosters. Do they work?

Currently I am researching memory supplements Prevagen has Apoaequorin and vitamin D and I'm also looking into Neuriva which seems to have coffee fruit extract as well as phosphatidylserine. What exactly are the supplements and how are they supposed to work on the body? Is there any science... read more

I Was told I was low in vitamin D and read that vitamin D3 is the vitamin to take. It's all confusi?

I Was told I was low in vitamin D and read that vitamin D3 is the vitamin to take. It's all confusing to me. I am a 69 year old female with severe Crohns Disease, anemia (just had two more blood transfusions) and arthritis. A combination of D3, Magnesium and Calcium made a huge difference with... read more

RE: Vyvanse Vitamin and Mineral Interaction I found out that Vitamin C, B12,D,Magnesium and a?

... slew of other vitamins have interactions with Vyvance. What am I supposed to do if I have deficiencies and need these vitamins?

Can I take vitamin C and D3 together?

Is FoltanX equivalent to MetanX?

My pharmacist says it's NOT a generic, but a proper replacement... this at my demand that MetanX generics are NOT even close (there are even class action suits). I know MetanX is used to treat pain from Diabetic Neuropathy, and I believe it worked well before. I'm afraid this... read more

How long after taking a vitamin will I start feeling effects?

I started taking b-12 1,000 UI and vitamin D3 1,000 UI 2 days ago for my anxiety and depression. When will the vitamins start getting in my system? Or will I even feel the effects?

Vitamin D taken once a day instead once a week?

I was prescribed for 50000 ui once a week, but I took it once a day for a week. I'm thirsty and dizzy... what should I do? Should I go to the emergency room?

Omeprazole delayed release for GERD?

What vitamins can I take instead of omeprazole for GERD? They are horrible.

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