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Desipramine Questions


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Been on desipramine for 17 days 5 days at 25mg, 5 days at 50 mg. 5 days?

Posted 8 days ago by garnie 1 answer

at 75 and now 3 days at 100 mg. was on lithium and cymbalta for a numbers of years, hair loose, depressed, sleeping a lot. Was taken off of these meds over a 4 week period and then started desipramine. Now with just on desipramine still want to sleep all the time and no energy. depressed and still ...

Bipolar Disorder - I accidentally took a double dose of medicine last night. Should I worry about?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Izera 1 answer

... long term effects? Total was 800mg Seroquel, 400mg Lamictal, 200mg desipramine. I've been a zombie all day and have a metallic taste in my mouth

Has anyone else taken desipramine? did it do anything for you whatso ever ?

Posted 26 Jan 2017 by hs112 1 answer

I am not entirely sure what this drug is but I have been on it or 3 months and I am seeing only negative side effect with no good ones . The psych said It was going to make me sleep again naturally without benzos and sleeping pills as I have taken for months now it does not do that or make me feel ...

Desipramine - Nauseousness is this a side effect, has this medicine helped with waking up nauseous?

Posted 4 Oct 2016 by Bugman20032003 0 answers

My Dr. Prescribed this,I wake up with nausea and pain in lower abdomen,does this medication help with ibs and has anyone woke up nauseous after taking it the night before.Ive been suffering for years with stomach issues from pain,heartburn and nauseousness.any help would be greatly appreciated.

Has Desipramine strong sexual side effects like other ADs or is it peaceable?

Posted 29 Jun 2016 by Clomi7 1 answer

Clomipramine or the SSRIs I can't support these. Imipramine is very good and I hope that Desipramine also is not too bad. Has anyone taken this AD? Thank you for any helpful answer!

I'm taking desipramine and it has worked for my anxiety?

Posted 15 Dec 2015 by Robeva 2 answers

After trying all the newer antianxiety drugs and having a really bad time changing medications I am finally feeling better even though I am dealing with marriage problems I don't feel anxious. Sometimes going with the older meds can be the answer. I hate the side effects, dry mouth and ...

Desipramine - Does anyone take this medication for chronic pain?

Posted 27 Aug 2015 by lrhenderson 1 answer

I have ms,arthritis and fibromyalgia

What are the brands available for desipramine ?

Posted 10 Dec 2013 by daudmasoom 1 answer

available brands are required

Desipramine - can this drug cause forgetfulness?

Posted 17 Aug 2013 by vavinya 2 answers

I forget everything--- even when i'm told something i forget 5 mins later thanks

Desipramine - have most antidrpressants since the 80s with no positive results?

Posted 13 Jun 2013 by lauretha 2 answers

How long has it on average taken to notice results ?

Desipramine - I have been taking Desiprame for about 3 weeks and I actually feel like this one is?

Posted 10 Nov 2012 by robynmills 2 answers

... going to work. I have been on and off every antidpressant under the sun for the last 15 years. The only problem that I am having is dealing with the side effects. I am handling drinking water nonstop but the constipation has become intolerable. What is the best way to handle this?

Are side effects of desipramine gaining weight and being hungry or tired all the time?

Posted 1 Mar 2012 by HelenTroy 1 answer

I take 40mg Prozac in am for depression 100mg desipramine in pm for depression .25mg every 3 hours 4x a day (down from .5mg 4x a day I feel drowsy and depressed. This am drank 1 6oz cup caffine coffee. Felt better than in over a year.

Just started taking desipramine for GAD, but after the first dose anxiety seems to be much worse,?

Posted 7 Aug 2011 by chickpea56 1 answer

... how long does this last. I don't want to increase the medicine until this subsides

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