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Is weight gain inevitable on Depakote?

I will be starting the medication next week and am terrifed of gaining weight. I'm on the hearvier side which has a lot to do with my depression, anxiety, negative self-image, mood swings etc. If I eat healthy and exercise, what are the chances that I will gain weight? In other words, does it... read more

Have experienced hair loss while taking Depokote ER, any experience if/when for regrowth?

Was taking Depakote ER 500mg 2X day for three months for seizures. Begining of fourth month noticed significant hair loss. Fifth month medication was been changed to topamax. Hair loss has slowed but not stopped yet with no sign of regrowth. At this poit have lost about 20-25% of hair on top of my... read more

Can I stop taking 500 mg. of Depakote cold turkey? My Neuro told me it was ok?

I was taking Depakote for PCS headaches for 3 months. First the Neuro told me to double the dose overnight because I was not getting better fast enough for him. That made me feel awful and raised my blood pressure so I told him I was going back down. He disagreed with me but said go ahead. Now he... read more

Viibryd and teeth grinding?

I am on my third week of this and want to know if it causes teeth grinding? This is happening while awake and my jaw is starting to hurt. I dont know if this is also happening while I am asleep. This is my only new med in 3 months. No other side effects so can only think its this one but its not... read more

Lose weight gained on Depakote?

Starting from the beginning, I went to college in August 2012 and lost 30 pounds just from walking around campus through the semester even though I was eating my way through a depression. I was in the best shape of my life. Then, I was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar in December and had a severe... read more

Can a man taking depakote cause children to have birth defects and disabilities I have 3 kids same?

... dad all have disabilities from seizures to cerebral palsey Autism Adhd bipolar schitzofrinia cognitive disorder wheel chair bound to name a few

I started taking Depakote last night. It is not the ER and I started at 250mg and going to work my?

... way up as needed. I was so sleepy all day. Does anyone have experience to tell me about how long it takes to adjust to the sedation? BTW. Going up to 500mg tonight

Depression - how long does it take for depakote to start working?

my doctor had just put me on depakote and i was wondering how long does it take to come in affect to where i will notice a difference?

What happens if I miss a dose of my depakote?

I have been on Depakote for two years for bipolar disorder. My question is what happens if I miss a dose? I know that you can go into a seizure even if you've never had one but that is the extreme. What are the other side effects? I didn't take my medicine last night and I feel HORRIBLE... read more

Latuda with Depakote?

I'm dropping the lithium, Luvox and Risperdal but keeping the Depakote to go with the Latuda. I'm cautious because Depakote really drains the color out of life for me. Will adding Latuda combat this or enhance it?

Depakote - Any bad dreams or weird dreams? This was my first dose and was told to take at bedtime?

Was just prescribed depakote today to take at bedtime. I also take lithium, saphris, and occasional kolonopin 1 mg. can I just take in the morning instead ??

How can I give the Depakote sprinkles through a feeding tube?

my adult son has truamatic brain injury and difficulty swallowing. He has a feeding tube and thatg is how I have tgo give hime the Depakote sprinkles. I did no start yet -- any suggestions?

Depakote has given me the shakes in my hand, is this normal and will it go away?

Seizures - This past september I was in the hospital a week to try to get my siezures back under control, I missed on dose of Keppra xr and woke up early that morning having lost my bodily functions. The Neurologist added Depakote xr back to my regime and now I have the shakes in my hands like a... read more

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