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Cytoxan Questions

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Cytoxan - I am taking Cytoxan for my auto immune disease attacking my lungs. I take it in a pill..

Posted 3 Aug 2017 by Nboragno 0 answers

... form. 75mg. Will my hair fall out?

Anyone else on chemo for IGA Neuropathy?

Posted 22 Aug 2016 by Satxmz81 0 answers

I have stage 1 kidney disease, labeled IGA Neuropathy. Taking Cytoxin for 6 months. Just did my second round.

Hello: What pharmaceutical company makes taxotere and cytoxan? Please please let me know?

Posted 21 Sep 2012 by shopping1 1 answer

The reason why I am asking is because my mother who is 85 4 years old has to be on this treatment of chemotherapy. She has a tremendous co-pay that she cannot afford and I am just wanting to know if the pharmaceutical companies have some type of program to help cancer patients who cannot afford ...

Are there any long term side effects from the drugs adrianmycin, cytoxin, and taxol?

Posted 21 Oct 2013 by brownangel 1 answer

It's been two years since I had chemo and my legs ache when I walk for a short time

My husband has developed the skin rash from the cytoxan he is on for multiple myeloma. Are there?

Posted 4 Jul 2013 by henrym52 2 answers

... any recommendations of how to ease the itch of the rash? He is also on Carfilzomib and takes Dexamethasone. The rash only began after the addition of the chemo Cytoxan.

My mother is getting cytoxan in MD office, can it be infused without a pump?

Posted 13 Nov 2012 by safetynet1 2 answers

The nurses are infusing it without a pump. Is this the recommended way?

Who makes cytoxan?

Posted 24 Sep 2011 by patty1-4 1 answer

Cytoxan - How much does it cost?

Posted 8 Nov 2010 by Illinoiswsk 1 answer

I understand this is a prescription for dogs who have certain autoimune disease problems. Is this true and has anyone ever experienced this situation? What is the diagnosis?

Cytoxan -had my first chemo for breast cancer Tuesday, any advice on how to cope with side effects?

Posted 2 Jul 2011 by gblane 2 answers

The adriamycin was first administered and went fine. As soon as the cytoxan started, I started to feel bad - weak, listless, like lying down. That continued. Anybody else have that kind of problem? Any suggested solutions? My next appointment is in a week and a half

Osteolytic Bone Metastases of Breast Cancer - I have bone metastaes of breast cancer, advanced. I?

Posted 12 Aug 2009 by anmamu 2 answers

... have been taking Aredia. I took various hormone blockers, none of which really work for me now. Now I'm on Cytoxan. My doctor says it is palliative. There is no cure. Should I just give up? Is there nothing else out there to help me? Andrea M.

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