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Cryselle 28 - I have been on Crysellefor about 5 months now, and I just recently started having sex?

Posted 4 May 2017 by Fitgurl 0 answers

... we've had it maybe 5 times now. My boyfriend has been pulling out the past few times. The other night, he pulled out but the next day I was extremely paranoid and filled with anxiety so I took a Plan B. How effective is Cryselle combined with pulling out? Could I be pregnant?

Brown Clumpy Discharge on Cryselle?

Posted 12 Apr 2017 by autumn97 0 answers

I have been taking cryselle for about a week and a half and it's my first time ever on birth control and around the time I usually ovulate I noticed brown clumpy discharge. I've only had sex two times and each time my partner used a condom. Is there a chance of pregnancy? Also can a girl ...

Pregnant after going off Cryselle?

Posted 28 Feb 2017 by adiisla 0 answers

Has anyone gotten pregnant the first cycle after going off cryselle? What kind of symptoms have you noticed after going off the pill? I've been noticing severe nipple soreness and mild nausea. I've been off the pill 20 days now and I'm 4dpo.

Cryselle - has anyone lost weight from this pill?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by Brielle8 0 answers

I switched my pill to a different brand in September and gained 15+ pounds from it. I just started cryselle today, and was curious as to if anyone has had a problem with weight gain? And anxiety? Please let me know. I was also dealing with night sweats on my old pill, does anyone have these ...

Cryselle 28 - I've been taking Cryselle for about 2 years now. And for the first time ever, I've?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 by KD16 0 answers

... been on my cycle for 2 weeks now almost 3 but I'm just spotting now. Is this normal?

Could I be pregnant?

Posted 22 May 2016 by TeenyTiny1 0 answers

Sorry for being so vague, but I couldn't think of another way to be clear and concise. Here is my concern: I have just started taking birth control (Cryselle) and became sexually active again around week 2 of taking the medication. I have been punctual with taking the medication, and also ...

Cryselle 28 - I stopped taking Cyselle 28 mid cycle for a week then resumed taking them the next?

Posted 29 May 2016 by Dayah 0 answers

... week. I took them for 2 weeks before having unprotected sex. 2 days later, I missed a pill and took two the next day. What are my chances of getting pregnant ?

Cryselle 28 - last row of pills?

Posted 12 Apr 2016 by Ellakat3 0 answers

So I'm new to birthcontrol and so I had to get a reminder app on my phonephone but it isn't going off now that I'm on the last week of pills I don't understand why. Do i need to take them or are they a placebo pill? I have skipped 2 days on accident what do I do?

Cryselle 28 - I skiped a day an took my dose on the next day will that have any effect on my pms?

Posted 16 Feb 2016 by Ms GoreFest 0 answers

... coming back an i have a iud put in so my doctor gave me theses pills to help me to get off my pms

Cryselle and plan b.. Effective?

Posted 11 Oct 2015 by bbrindy18 1 answer

I have been on the birth control Cryselle for 3 months and I am on my second week of my 3rd pack. my boyfriend and I had sex but the condom broke. The ejaculation didn't stay in me. I was scared and paranoid so I took plan b. How effective is my birth control and taking plan b for preventing ...

Cryselle Birth Control?

Posted 11 Nov 2015 by Aljs615 0 answers

Hello! I had mirena for 5 years & got it removed on Tuesday October 13th! That same night I started taking Cryselle at 9:00 & skipped the first 2 pills & took the Tuesday pill & continued taking the pills every night at 9:00! I took the first 2 pills I missed on November 3rd & ...

Cryselle 28 - I accidentally took two pills this morning instead of one and my doctor is no longer?

Posted 23 Oct 2015 by jassywin 1 answer

... open at this time. what should I do tomorrow? do I keep taking the pills like normal? what do I do about the missing pill?

Cryselle - Is it safe to have sex if???

Posted 25 Oct 2015 by Mandyle 0 answers

I started my period for the 3rd time this month and I'm taking the birth control the way I'm supposed to I only missed 1 day and took 2 the next day. Should I use it he birth control also.

Is this spotting normal?

Posted 26 Aug 2015 by Saria 0 answers

Okay, so i have been on Cryselle now for two months. I skipped my Placebo pills this month and just started my third pack this morning. I take the pills everyday, at the same time. I haven't missed any doses. However, I did have sex for the first time last weekend and I have been spotting ...

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