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I have Addison's Disease. Are there differences in generic hydrocortisone tabs?

Posted 15 May 2014 by jjhunter 3 answers

I was diagnosed in 1989, and I'm sure I have taken several generic brands for hydrocortisone due to the cost of Cortef. A few days ago, the phamacist gave me a mixed 90 day script containing 2 different generic brands (these 2 types were separated by cotton, so there were not mixed together). ...

Cortef - Does anyone else take around 100 - 140mg to finally feel normal. Anyone??

Posted 13 Oct 2012 by kitties4 5 answers

My adrenal glandsdo not produce cortisol on their own. Please if there is anyone, let me know, i feel so alone

Is there anything like Cortef for adrenal function that doesn't cause such horrible acne?

Posted 25 Sep 2012 by genais 1 answer

I have been on Cortef for a while but have been trying to ween myself off. My problem though is that my adrenal glands are not functioning hardley at all. So is Cortef my only option or is there anything else that I could try that wouldn't cause the acne? Its either take it and have this awful ...

Doctor has suggested Fosamax or Boniva to slow bone loss, what about progesterone?

Posted 19 Feb 2012 by onij 4 answers

My mom is taking 40MG of Cortef and her doctor has recommended she take Fosanex or Boniva to slow the process of bone loss. My concern is the possible side effects of these two medications. I read that Progestrone may be used instead. Any opinions?

How quickly does oral Cortef start to work?

Posted 16 Nov 2009 by mcon 1 answer

Once ingested how long does it take for Cortef to breakdown in the body? What is the absorption rate?

I have not been taking my cortef for two months what is the side effects to that?

Posted 13 Jan 2011 by IRRRESPONIBLE PERSON24 1 answer

I have been on this medication since I was 6 months old and recently I decided I was not going to take I need the side effects of not taking this mediciation

Can taking cortef for an extended time cause pain in your joints - such as your knees?

Posted 11 Aug 2010 by kwurzel 1 answer

I have been taking cortef for 4 months to help my adrenal glands function better. I feel much better, however the last few weeks my knee's have been hurting really bad when they are bent ( like when I'm sitting in a chair ).

What's the difference between Hydrocort and Cortef?

Posted 28 Jan 2010 by ckul 1 answer

I have read online Cortef is more natural. What is hydrocort? That's what I'm taking.

I suffered a Left Knee Anterior Dislocation and surgery to reconstruct 4 ligaments. Five months lat?

Posted 21 Nov 2009 by tfriend01 1 answer

er I was diagnosed with Addison's. Will I need to take my Florinef, Cortef, Magnesium Sulfate, and DHEA the rest of my life.

Is cortef ok if taken at a lower dose than prescribed?

Posted 8 Aug 2009 by dbchoate 1 answer

My son was not taking cortef properly. He was taking less than he was supposed to. Instead of 20 mg daily, he was taking 10mg daily for a few months. He has now readjusted it. How long will it take for him to feel back to normal? He has been very fatigued and has little appetite.

Cortef Overdose Effects - What Can I do?

Posted 28 Oct 2009 by Vaprila 1 answer

Broke out in hives, swollen hands, face, feet, large red hives now turning purple, dizzy, chilly... I think I may have taken 40 mg. instead of my usual 20 mg per day on Sunday and have been feeling terrible anything I can do to get rid of hives will they scar me? Help V in NYC

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