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Clindamycin Questions

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What are the best antibiotics for a tooth infection?

Why can't you lay down after taking clindamycin?

Is clindamycin a strong antibiotic?

What is the best antibiotic to treat strep throat?

Does clindamycin HCL usually make a patient very tired?

I've been taking it for three days now and it's almost impossible to keep my eyes open, even after taking my Vyvanse prescribed to me for ADHD. Is this normal?

Can I take clindamycin if I am allergic to penicillin?

Is clindamycin a penicillin?

Can clindamycin be used to treat chlamydia?

Which antibiotics are best for tooth infection cephalexin or clindamycin?

I have bad teeth and no matter if I brush/floss regularly & don't eat sweets & quit drinking pop I am still getting pain that is usually associated with infection. I can't remember what antibiotics I was given for my teeth I have clindamycin and cephalexin. All I remember is the... read more

Why shouldn't you lie down within 10 minutes of taking Clindamycin?

I have been taking Clindamycin HCL for 3 days, I noticed a pain in my chest as in heart burn, nothing I eat made sense, and I never usually have heart burn. I read the label and it said not to lie down within 10 minutes. Last night I waited about an 1.5 hour before lying down after taking... read more

Bacterial Infection - Can I Use Clindamycin for an Abscessed Tooth?

Bacterial Infection - Can I use Clindamycin for an abscessed tooth? I have swelling and a lot of pain.

Clindamycin and consuming alcohol [Ethanol]?

I recently got my wisdoms out and I was prescribed Clindamycin as a pill. And I was planning to go to a party on Saturday for New Years [3 days after the surgery]. I was prescribed to take one pill every 8 hours for about 10 days. And I was planning on consuming alcohol that 4th night and I have... read more

Can clindamycin elavate your bloodpressure? Pls help?

I would like to know if taking the antibiotic clindamycin can this raise your blood pressure.

Clindamycin - anyone having problems sleeping,rash on arms n legs,bad taste in mouth for hours?

been on it for 5 days for staph infec in huge sore on foot.havin these side efffects since i started but i dont see anyone else having these,i have had no heartburn, no chest pain,no fever or sickness and no diarrhea. I cant sleep,hav rash all over and horrible taste in mouth for hrs after taking... read more

Anyone that took Clindamycin still getting loose stool weeks after stopping it?

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since stopping it and I'm still having loose stool, not really diarreha but it's still not normal. I just started taking probiotics to replace good bacteria a week ago. HELP!

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