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Clavamox Questions

We found 6 questions associated with the 'Clavamox' topic.

Can you give clavamox 375 mg to a 37 lb goat?

Posted 8 Jan 2018 by lwbublitz 0 answers

My 10 month old ND doe has some dog bites from a bloodhound on her lower flank( in front of teats) from last Tuesday. Never saw any blood just tender. Today felt some hard spots and noticed a little spot of white pus. I was going to clean with povidone-iodine and treat with swat. I have some ...

Can you give a cat Clavamox for a fever?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by sweetcheeks1984 0 answers

Is it okay to crush Clavamox 62.5mg tablet for dog?

Posted 29 Dec 2014 by 919rach 1 answer

worried that would make active ingredients inert or ineffective if broken

Is a single Clavamox dosage harmful for an adult?

Posted 6 Oct 2014 by eremis77 1 answer

I found a similar question about this, but wanted clarification for my specific situation. My dog has a prescription for Clavamox for a bladder infection. I just accidentally took a single dose meant for her. (I was getting ready to give it to her, got distracted, and swallowed it myself instead.) ...

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