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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Questions

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Has anyone used Breo Ellipta the new inhaler for COPD? Any side effects? I am on Qvar now & have?

Posted 8 Apr 2014 by tess1938 16 answers

... used Alvesco & Advair in the past

COPD- Oxygen level was at 87, now 92?

Posted 18 Mar 2014 by pamee 6 answers

I do not recall at what level of oxygen I should be at to see if I need to get back to the doctor today or if waiting until tomorrow would be alright? I am still having labored breathing. Any opinions?

What kind of specialist to see for weeping leg edema and cellulitis?

Posted 9 Sep 2013 by marymack1938 3 answers

My cousin has weeping leg edema, very painful, and his internist diagnosed it as cellulitis - He is 79 yrs old with emphysema - and not improving on an antibiotic - Is there a specialist he can see for this condition

How does prednisone help with emphysema?

Posted 26 Jan 2011 by mightymerc 3 answers

Im 47 alpha1 severe emphysema and would take any medicine to improve my breathing so any info would be great,thanks.

Is COPD a contagious disease, can it be contracted by being around a person who has it?

Posted 18 May 2014 by aroundworld 4 answers

I was always in close contact with my mother for several days, who due to her COPD condition could no longer breathe on her own.

Can I take guaifenesin for a non-productive cough that causes spasms?

Posted 21 Jun 2013 by sick2013 8 answers

for chronic bronchitis? a hard, painful cough that causes muscle pains, ear pain, headaches. feels like evrything is insid emy stomach but must be bottom of lungs. Just want to move th emucus out

Best cough syrup for productive cough?

Posted 10 Mar 2013 by sajilamaryemmanuel 3 answers

in the case of copd.

Once you stop taking Daliresp how long will it take for some side effects to stop?

Posted 8 days ago by MC81935 0 answers

Side effects, neck pain, headache, arm muscle pain, loss of appitite

Stage 4 COPD and congestive heart failure. Today oxygen stable at94. Heart rate all over from 97?

Posted 27 Aug 2017 by NAllen2229 0 answers

Stage r COPD &congestive heart failure. Oxy 24/7. Can hardly walk. Sweats. Stomachache 4mg oxygen.

Is Anoro Ellipta safe for someone with previous history of asthma?

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by 41Jbincosmokey 0 answers

i have COPD but am worried about taking Anoro Ellipta because I had severe asthma in childhood now I'm fearful to try Anoro.

Pulmonology - Can a person with COPD scuba dive?

Posted 10 Aug 2017 by dongriffin 2 answers

I am 67 , six foot one and weigh 260 lbs, should I scuba dive.

Medication - Have been taking Biaxin. My MD discontinued & changed to doxycycline. I already took...

Posted 17 Aug 2017 by steve5757 0 answers

... Biaxin today. Should I begin taking new medicine today or tomorrow? I have COPD.

I have a history of blood clots. In 1995 I was on Coumadin for 12 month from a clot in the left?

Posted 20 Jul 2017 by cmp4001 0 answers

leg. 7 years later I had a clot after surgery and was on Coumadin for another 6 months. In 2013 I was diagnosed with COPD. In 2014 two clots were found in my lungs so I went back onto Coumadin. The doctors were not able to get my INR into the therapeutic range so in 2015 I was put on Eliquis. In ...

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