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Centrum Multivitamins Questions

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Can Centrum Silver cause high blood pressure?

Does centrum contain pork gelatin.?

Is centrum has pork gelatin.? cuz Im Muslim I can't eat pork

What is the generic name for Centrum?

What could be the reaction of taking expired Centrum tablets, have a full bottel exp dec 2013?

Are there any side effects if these tabs were to be consumed in next two months or so ?

I am 72 years old. Which Centrum product should I take: Centrum 50+ Adults or Centrum 50+ Women's?

I am in relative good health, but I do want to use a vitamin.

Hard to swallow can be cut in half?

the centrum silver tablets are to big and hard to swallow I would like to know if can be cut in half

Is Centrum Silver made in the United States?

Is Centrum Silver made in the United States, not just distributed here?

How will you know if the multivitamins (Centrum) you bought is a counterfeit?

Bought Centrum Product in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. When I tried to check the label, it is not consistent with the codes in the box versus the bottle. Also, the Imprint Code of the tablet is Centrum and the other side is C | 1. Upon checking here, the imprint code is not registered/recognized.

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