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Ceftriaxone Questions


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Can I drink alcohol while on Ceftriaxone?

Posted 14 Mar 2015 by mpoweredone 1 answer

Can I drink two or more glasses of wine while I am taking ceftriaxone iv at home, Treating Lyme disease. I hear from a pharmasist its ok then others say not to drink.

How long does Ceftriaxone?

Posted 17 Jun 2015 by Babie 94 1 answer

Stay in the blood steam when given by an IV for about 4 days

Ceftriaxone - What does IV means and also the IM...pls explain... for a normal complain of itching?

Posted 22 Jan 2015 by Daps 1 answer

... and ting lying at the genitals,shuld a pharmacist administer a full bottle dose of rocephine injection?it seems it has affected my erection ..pls help ASAP... just got married

What are the ingredients in ceftriaxone?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by janamom 1 answer

The following agents were prescribed for a patient at a time; 5% dextrose in normal saline,5%?

Posted 22 Apr 2012 by alemub 1 answer

... dextrose, normal saline,ceftriaxone injection,metronidazole injection, and diclofenac injection. what was the case for the patient and is not there any interaction among the agents?

Can we use ceftriaxone inj in DNS IV?

Posted 16 Apr 2014 by drraj1 1 answer

Caring for a parent with endocarditis?

Posted 8 days ago by Brandyjwest 0 answers

My dad was recently diagnosed. He’s going on week three of combined amoxicillin and ceftriaxone in physical rehab wing of the hospital. We meet with the social worker tomorrow. Any advice? He had been doing fairly good when the started his medicines but now he has been jerking so bad and not ...

In which case can use ringer with ceftriaxone?

Posted 26 Oct 2012 by Layaly shafea 1 answer

Im pharmacisit i need to know can i use ringer with ceftriaxon in infant and children and adult

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