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Cataract Questions

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Can Willard water be used as an eye wash for humans?

Posted 6 days ago by maggie555 0 answers

I have cataract in my left eye. Can Willard water be used to dissolve the cataract

Is there a generic or substitute medication for Ilevro and Durezol?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 by SAS0113 0 answers

I am going to have cataract surgery and both of these are ungodly expensive. I am OK with a medication that treats the same condition? It does not have to be a generic.

Taking ILEVRO for light sensitvity?

Posted 5 Oct 2017 by 2nd opinion 0 answers

My doctor has asked that I take a drop of this in 1 eye to see if it helps with light sensitivity. That said, my eyes are dry and visual acuity is still a challenge after cataract surgery and a multi focal lens. Your thoughts please.

I had cataract surgery three weeks ago I had a mono focal lens put in for closeup?

Posted 3 Aug 2017 by espo 0 answers

..Under bright . light and under fluorescent lights I get a flashing sensation and vibration sensation in my periphery. I was told last week that my vitreous layer is separating in the back of my eye. Has anyone ever had this ? What was your outcome ?? Thank you

Is eye pressure is curable by medicine drops? Is cataract is removable by medicine ?

Posted 24 Jul 2017 by nitai 1 answer

Is eye pressure is fully curable by eye drop ? My NCT of RE-20 and LE-21,How long i have to take medicine ? dr. said i have slightly cataract due to steroid medicine used for my eye allergy... is cataract is removable by medicine ?

Are the side effects the same for dogs as people when allergic conditions exist and are known?

Posted 19 Jun 2017 by JButters 1 answer

My Father's dog was allergic to Prednisone, yet the VET still used it and dog lost one of his eyes two weeks after cataract surgery and has almost zero visibility out of other eye. Dog was suffering from diabetes as well prior to eye surgery and VET still used prednisone to treat the dog. Eye ...

How long after using Tobradex drops should I wait before using any other lubricating eye drops?

Posted 7 Jun 2017 by chefdor 1 answer

I was prescribed Tobradex for post cataract surgery 4 times daily, but when I wake up in the morning my eyes are very dry. Can I use regular eye drops before using the Tobradex drops, or wait till after, and how long after?

Dexamethasone/Tobramycin - What happens if I have the side effect of gradual blurriness?

Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Whitedaisy 0 answers

Will my eyesight return to normal after stopping to use this ointment I had the cataract surgery five days ago

Does anyone know of a connection between liothyronine and cataracts? I had a clean eye exam 1.5 yrs?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by coltlady 1 answer

... ago, no problems or indications. At a recent eye exam I was told I have a cataract "ripe" for surgery in my right eye and smaller ones in my left eye. I have been taking 5mcg/2xday of liothyronine for about 6 months (for low T3) and that is the only change in my meds or overall ...

Can Maxidex cause vitreous detachment?

Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Vallor 0 answers

I've been using Maxidex since Oct.16 after cataract removal and now have vitreous detachment. Has the eye drops caused this. I am still using the drops and I am very worried about using them.,

I was on Cymbalta - it was wonderful. My life was brighter. I expressed myself well without?

Posted 14 Feb 2017 by betty73lou 1 answer

stalling. My doctor said to try it again - maybe it was just the cataracts. Because of the vision problems I am on Prozac - for 2 weeks - I can not express myself well at all. Please share with me what you think. Betty

Just started taking prednisolone 20mg/day. Having cataract op in 2 days and worried in so much pain?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Desperate2017 0 answers

... won't be able to keep still for 25+ mins. Paracetamol doesn't touch the spot. What else can I buy over the counter to get me though the day? Thanks!

What is the best medicine for lupus symptoms given that I recently had cataract surgery?

Posted 14 Jan 2017 by katherinehuber 0 answers

I am 58 years old. I have high DNA and ANA results. My rheumatologist hasn't diagnosed lupus yet. I had one cortisone shot 4 months ago in my right wrist and have been taking prednisone for the last 14 days. Both worked great. Currently only sporadic and mild joint pain. My rheumatologist ...

Is anyone with open-angle glaucoma currently taking Topamax for migraine prevention? I'm?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by rjgausep 1 answer

... apprehensive about starting it because of the possible side effect of closed-angle glaucoma. I have had trabeculectomy, glaucoma needle revision surgery, and cataract removal in both eyes. Have had open-angle glaucoma for 20 years. Now I have lots of floaters and some flashes in left eye after ...

What is the drug Bromsite used for?

Posted 5 May 2016 1 answerFAQ by

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