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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome News

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Physical Therapy as Good as Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Study

Posted 25 Mar 2017 by

FRIDAY, March 24, 2017 – Surgery is a common approach to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. But, physical therapy may work just as well, a new study indicates. Researchers found that physical therapy – particularly so-called manual therapy – improved hand and wrist function and reduced pain as effectively as a standard operation for the condition. Moreover, after one month, physical therapy patients reported better results than those who underwent surgery. "We believe that physical therapy should be the first therapeutic option for almost all patients with this condition," said lead study author Cesar Fernandez de las Penas. "If conservative treatment fails, then surgery would be the next option," said de las Penas, a professor of physical therapy at King Juan Carlos University in Alcorcon, Spain. Also, one extra benefit of therapy over surgery may be cost savings, he noted. Carpal tunnel ... Read more

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Health Tip: Tingling in Your Fingers?

Posted 26 Sep 2016 by

-- Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a nerve is compressed in the wrist. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons mentions these symptoms: Pain, numbness, tingling and burning that most often affects the ring, middle and index fingers. A radiating sensation that extends to the ring, middle and index fingers. A tingling or painful sensation that extends up the forearm and to the shoulder. Feelings of weakness and "clumsiness" in the hand, making it difficult to button clothing or hold on to objects. Read more

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Electroacupuncture Helped Ease Carpal Tunnel in Study

Posted 8 Jun 2016 by

TUESDAY, June 7, 2016 – Preliminary research raises the possibility that an electrical form of acupuncture could become a useful treatment for the common wrist overuse condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. In the study, electroacupuncture helped carpal tunnel patients with long-lasting mild and moderate symptoms when it was used with splints overnight. "For these patients, electroacupuncture produces benefits in symptoms, disability, function and dexterity," said study author Vincent Chung. He is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner and assistant professor with The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when a nerve becomes pinched in the wrist, and it causes symptoms like pain, numbness and tingling. Typing and diseases like arthritis can bring on the condition. It affects an estimated 3 percent of U.S. workers aged 18 to 64, according to the U.S. ... Read more

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Health Tip: At Risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Posted 21 Apr 2016 by

-- Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tissues in the wrist swell and put pressure on nearby nerves, causing pain and discomfort. Here are common risk factors for the condition, courtesy of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons: Heredity, as smaller carpal tunnels can run in families. Using your hands in the same way repetitively over time. Having hormonal changes, such as those during pregnancy. Being older. Having diabetes, a thyroid disorder or rheumatoid arthritis. Read more

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