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Carbatrol Questions

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Postherpetic Neuralgia - Has anyone had success with curing their PHN?

Posted 8 Nov 2010 by AKParham 12 answers

I have tried many medications/treatments... Topamax, Lyrica, Famvir, Carbatrol, Carbatrol + Baclofen, and acupuncture. None have worked. I have had PHN in my face for about a year now, and the only thing that sometimes helps is Percocet (makes me very, very ill). Any suggestions? I know I ...

Has anyone taken Carbatrol for bipolar depression?

Posted 21 Mar 2018 by ellmac5 0 answers

Just wondering if Carbatrol can be taken for mood disorders? I have bipolar depression and would like to know if it has really helped people with bipolar disorder?

Oxtellar XR - I'm new to this drug. Been on Carbatrol long term and just made the change. Any thing?

Posted 30 Jan 2017 by jmbrig 0 answers

... I should know or be concerned about?

I remembered my son's Carbatrol about 3:00 a.m. which was 4 hours before his next dose. He has?

Posted 20 Jan 2017 by jeannette144 0 answers

... grand mal if he misses a dose. Is four hours after giving the missed dose too soon or should I go ahead and give him the 7:00 to avoid seizure? I don't understand when it says take it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for his regular dose? What does almost time mean? one ...

My physician prescribed carbatrol at 300mg twice daily. I just noticed he pharmacy gave me 200mg?

Posted 2 Jan 2015 by dsngl1 1 answer

capsules. I took that reduced dose the last 24 hours and my tn pain came back hard. Now two hours into another 200mg dose is it safe to take an additional 200 mg dose at this time, or does the time release aspect of it make that not a good decision?

Carbatrol - My brother having seizure problem since age of 5 yrs. but now he is of 39 yrs.old not?

Posted 28 Nov 2014 by mangala_vellange77 2 answers

... cured from that desease what to do? plz help me he also has anxiety problem cannot work attack comes any time taking medicines but in vain which medicine will be best for to control on it?

What are contraindications of taking carbatrol?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by hpeter093 1 answer

Accidentally took dbl dose of carbatrol 1200 and lamictal 300 last night. Need to go to?

Posted 6 Aug 2012 by Rpearl 2 answers

Work weds (have cancelled tomorrow) and need to know if I can decrease carbatrol, as I got severe toxic effects of vomiting, double vision, loss of balance. What is the best /fastest way to get back to balance drugs so I will be functional weds. Can I decrease carbatrol by half until the lamictal ...

Carbamazepine - My mother has been prescribed Carbatrol 200 MG twice a day. How long before it takes

Posted 5 Jul 2010 by katieblue 2 answers

... effect and starts working? Thanks

When discontinuing Carbatrol, should you wean yourself or go off cold turkey?

Posted 21 Jun 2010 by rhoduspain 1 answer

My son has taken it for a year after having a seizure. After many tests and visits with a neurologist, they couldn't find anything wrong and he was told he can go off the medicine. Should he wean himself or quit cold turkey?

Carbatrol question?

Posted 14 Aug 2010 by tigerwoods 2 answers

About 8 months ago I had a seizure my doctor has had me on carbatrol. I seem to have sexulal problems now but not sure if it is coincidence. I am going to switch meds to Lamictal. Do you think either of these meds contibute to erectile disfunction. also same question about propecia

Lexapro and Carbatrol?

Posted 14 May 2010 by Stevo55 3 answers

Can Lexapro lower the effectiveness of Carbatrol if you are taking Carbatrol to help control a seizure disorder? I took Lexapro 20MG tablets, one each day back in 2006 for about a year to help me deal with depression. I'm now off of it, I still take Carbatrol 300MG for my seizure disorder, I ...

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