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Hello, I got my Nexplanon inserted on Friday afternoon, I have a very dark bruise which I know is...

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by crgxx 1 answer

... normal although today i noticed a vein that goes down my arm turned a a bit purple and it feels as if it is bruising. when i stretch out my arm it hurts a bit. did this happen to anyone else? is it considered normal? should i go see my doctor ?

Nexplanon - swelling and bruising above my nexaplan after lifting boxes I've had it for 6 months?

Posted 27 Sep 2017 by Megan0806 1 answer

I've had it for 6 months and so I thought lifting was okay.. I lifted 25 pound boxes and I'm 16 and i weigh 105 pounds. yesterday my arm was fine now I've noticed their is a bruise right above my nexaplan and it is starting to swell.. please help is this normal

What is this medical condition? (if any)?

Posted 21 Sep 2017 by Benjamin bukai 0 answers

Someone has a mark on their left ribs (sort of looks like a bruise but isn't) and reddish/purplish spots on their right leg by their thigh? There are no blemishes/marks ANYWHERE else but there

I dropped my moterbike on my leg 6 weeks ago. now I have a itchy, sore, hard spot on back of leg?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by melaniecloss 0 answers

it has been very tender since accident but not much of a bruise. in the last few days it has become very itchy and hard. the hard spot is about the size of a baseball. is this something I should be concerned about?

I am fortunate enough never to bruise, but lately just a scratch shows like a bruise?

Posted 19 Jul 2017 by BarbCR 0 answers

I am in my late 60s and can tell you the number of bruises I have had in my life. After wisdom teeth removal, after a car crash, when I broke my femur. I have fallen, been slapped but never show the bruises. Just lately, if I have an itch and I scratch it (not breaking the skin) it shows for days ...

I'm a 46 year old male and 3 days ago I fell and banged my head, and only today has a bruise?

Posted 28 May 2017 by Davestew 0 answers

Appeared on my eye lid, my head was bruised at the time but no swelling. Is this normal ?

Pyoderma Gangrenosum - Hello all, my fiancé was just diagnosed with this last week?

Posted 17 Apr 2017 by bevykun 0 answers

... didn't start showing symptoms until 2 weeks ago, I feel really bad for you that it took so long to diagnose... He had fallen at work, had a small bruise on his left leg and a tiny scrape on his right. Two weeks later the scrape on his right leg swelled up, he ad a really bad fever, and we ...

What is a good substitute for Keflex since I'm allergic to penicillin for cellulitis?

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Bdsnchloe2divas 1 answer

I am diabetic. I got severe hives with penicillin that even left bruises

Bruise that disappeared months ago still itches?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by Rykerc 0 answers

I got in a bad accident back in August and I had a bruise that covered the back of my calf that lasted about 3 months. After it disappeared its been itching like crazy in the area where the bruise used to be. Why could it be doing that? Is there anything I can do to make it stop itching so bad all ...

Mom is taking Xarelto & is worried about the many "black & blue bruises" all over her arms?

Posted 21 Mar 2017 by vn f 1 answer

Is there a way to prevent this? Or if caused by "bumping into things" is there a way she can protect herself to at least minimize the bruises?

Amoxicillin/Clavulanate - I have a rash resembling hives with what looks like bruises all over the?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by sherry065 1 answer

... back of my upper arms and shoulders since taking Amoxocillin /Clavulanate 875/125. Is this common?

If Lisinopril-HCTZ is not a blood thinner, why do I bleed more with a paper cut and not clot as fas?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Band-Aid toter 0 answers

EveR since going on Lisinopril-HCTZ, I don't clot as easily as I did before taking this medication? If it is not considered a blood thinner, does it make my skin thinner. I seem to also bruise a lot easier. I've had blood work done annually and am not diabetic.

Why do I bruise so easly while on Zytiga/Prednisone?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by angel baby 0 answers

I am a 74 year old Hispanic male and i am currently on 1000mgs of Zytiga once a day and 5mg prednisone twice a day.My problem is i bruise very,very easily and my skin can get cut and bleed with just a hit on something ,example a door handle..That has never been my case as i never bled easily even ...

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