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My husband has been taking Brilinta since October 2012 after have two stents placed in his heart. He

Posted 13 Apr 2013 by Sluggulchlady 14 answers

... is experiencing severe itching, some dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea and just overall not feeling well on a daily basis. He wants to discontinue taking the Brilinta but the cardio doctor said he has to take it for a year. It's been about 6 months now and he's going crazy, he ...

I keep having shortness of breath and abdominal pain.Could I have an ulcer?

Posted 19 Jul 2013 by arcanoidcyst16 4 answers

Does anyone know why or what I have.I keep having trouble breathing and I thought I might just be sick but it's been almost a whole week now and I still have trouble breathing long deep breaths.I am also 289lbs pounds and have high blood pressure but have never EVER had trouble breathing.I ...

COPD- Oxygen level was at 87, now 92?

Posted 18 Mar 2014 by pamee 6 answers

I do not recall at what level of oxygen I should be at to see if I need to get back to the doctor today or if waiting until tomorrow would be alright? I am still having labored breathing. Any opinions?

Seroquel - heart racing and heavy breathing?

Posted 14 May 2014 by hollylaine 13 answers

Does anyone else feel like after you walk a few feet that you start to breath heavily and your heart starts to race? I love seroquel cause its the only think that will put me to sleep and I think it works some with my bipolar. But has anyone had an experience like that before?

Can you die from MRSA?

Posted 19 Jun 2012 by Patiently Waiting 7 answers

My mother recently got sick and was having trouble breathing. They did admit her and after running xrays found one side of her lungs eat up with MRSA. I'm thankful I haven't been around her. I'm quite a germifobe. I don't know a lot about it.. just that you can catch it on the ...

I took 3-50 mg pills of trazodone?

Posted 23 Feb 2018 by Keena222 3 answers

After 30 minutes I experienced hard breathing, moments of nausea and feeling faint. I also took them on an empty stomach. Has anyone else felt this with trazodone 150 mg?

Does this seen like it could be anxiety related?

Posted 17 days ago by ChelseaDawn 2 answers

Hi. I have had anxiety starting around the age of 13. I'm now 25. Never taken meds for it. I just learned how to overcome it kind of... for a week or so I have been stressed about some stuff at my job... and so I started to notice my breathing... it feels like my lungs are heavy and I am ...

My son had an allergic reaction to taking Seroquel a few nights ago. His breathing slowed terribly?

Posted 25 Feb 2018 by stephanieclements 2 answers

... he lost balance, could not hear, and seemed almost unconscious for about ten minutes and told me he felt the world was ending. Should I be worried that may have experienced a stroke or brain swelling?

I have athsma and my rescue inhaler is empty but my doctor gave me prednisone to take?

Posted 15 days ago by Chellerenee 0 answers

I am having trouble breathing so will a hot bath help or make worse?

For the past three or four days I have had this nervous feeling of my head, neck and jaw being?

Posted 21 Feb 2018 by Mitchell81 0 answers

tight. I feel like I have to concentrate on my breathing. I was in a car accident in November and I had a bulge in my left lumbar. Doctors prescribed me Flexeril that I suppose to take when I go to bed and it works but the next day my legs feel tired and weak. So my left leg went numb sometimes, ...

Has nicotine affected my breathing?

Posted 25 Jan 2018 by andrewf_12 1 answer

So recently I started to consistently vape with nicotine around 30%. I also have asthma which made me wonder if this was a bad idea. About a week ago I found major problems in my breathing and it is still very difficult to breathe. Was this caused by the nicotine and what should I do to fix the ...

Could my change from Spiriva and Advair, to Anoro for COPD account for new shortness of breath?

Posted 16 Jan 2018 by delores cruzio 0 answers

I've had COPD for years, but have never had shortness of breath as a problem except when I tried to run or climb a steep hill. Now I have breathing problems with only slight exertion or none at all. I would like to know if the change of medication a few months ago might account for the new ...

My husband is on metformin he has some problems with the side affects or what we think are from the?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Atlostanimal4 1 answer

... drug he has breathing problems so bad he can't hardly leave the couch he has some of the other side affects but the one most troubling is the breathing they have done tests to rule out the heart have tests to rule out the lungs he is taking one twice a day they cut the dose to one a day ...

QNASL - Fighting a sinus infection for 5 months tried antibiotics for 2/3 months as well as?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by Carrib 1 answer

... pregnisone after went on natural oils etc felt better. Was better on that but still green mucus. Then had allergy testing allergic to everything was put on Qnsal feel clear for breathing but the headache is back green disgusting stuff came out and chucks of mucus post nasal drip . Don't ...

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