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Which breathing techniques help with COVID-19?

Do breathing techniques help with COVID-19?

Bronchitis vs Pneumonia - What's the difference between them?

Seroquel - heart racing and heavy breathing?

Does anyone else feel like after you walk a few feet that you start to breath heavily and your heart starts to race? I love seroquel cause its the only think that will put me to sleep and I think it works some with my bipolar. But has anyone had an experience like that before?

My husband has been taking Brilinta since October 2012 after have two stents placed in his heart. He

... is experiencing severe itching, some dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea and just overall not feeling well on a daily basis. He wants to discontinue taking the Brilinta but the cardio doctor said he has to take it for a year. It's been about 6 months now and he's going crazy, he... read more

Pregnancy - Hi am on clonazepam medicine and am trying to get pregnant. Is this medicine hamful on?

I have anxiety attacks and has breathing problems, my doctor put me on Clonazepam for a year and a half now. It's so helpful for me, I take it when needed. Could this be harmful on the baby while pregnant and after birth? Please help me. I can not stop the medicin now, it's in my system!

COPD- Oxygen level was at 87, now 92?

I do not recall at what level of oxygen I should be at to see if I need to get back to the doctor today or if waiting until tomorrow would be alright? I am still having labored breathing. Any opinions?

Trouble breathing after Vyvanse?

Hi all! Just a warning this is going to be a long question so you can understand the full extent of my problem... So I started taking Vyvanse a little more than year and a half ago, and was on it for about 7 or 8 months at 70mg once daily, I stopped taking it almost a year ago... As soon as I... read more

Vyvanse - Is breathing hard a side effect of it?

My child takes 40mg of vyvanse and since she has started breathing really hard off of it. But when she don't take it she still breaths hard. is this a side effect of it?

Has anyone experienced breathing problems with Amlodipine?

I have COPD. My doctor put me on 25 mg Metoprolol (Meto) and 10 mg Amlodipine (Amlod). After about 8 days I cut back to 12.5 mg Meto with the 10 mg Amlod because I was having some breathing difficulties, more than the norm, and also because my BPs seemed to go up a little. The drop in Meto seemed... read more

Why does seroquel dry you up like a desert. Dry mouth, dry nasal breathing are quite unpleasant but?

... occur when I take Seroquel> Is this a side effect?

Does anyone know how it takes for the side effects to go away from a kenalog injection?

I received the Kenalog shot in my upper arm on Dec 15, 2014 and have been experiencing back pain, breathing issue's as well as sinus dryness. I have been to the ER 5 times and they cant find anything wrong and of course the administrating doctor denies any side effects from this shot. Can... read more

Sertraline - sertraline 50mg side effects?

I’ve been prescribed 50mg sertraline I’m 20 years old for anxiety. I’m on day 4. My breathing’s been bad, shakes, head feels werid, headache, hot flashes, pure fear. It’s awful. Is all of this normal? The head feeling is werid and freaking me out

Since taking 50mg of metoprolol tart twice a day I have been breathing slower and it scares me. Is?

... this one of the common side effects it has or should I talk to the doc about my concerns??

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