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Why are my nipples sore? 7 possible causes

How effective is Herceptin for Breast & Gastric Cancer?

What is the success rate of Herceptin in breast cancer and gastric cancer?

I got my Implanon removed 2 weeks ago, and I've had so many side effects. I feel sick to my...

... stomach most of the time, my breast and nipples are sore since then and my breast gets swollen sometimes. I even had one day where my nipples were leaking a little cloudy liquid. Just last night I had a horrible headache and I took a pain pill with caffeine, an hour later after I ate dinner my... read more

Does Xulane cause breast growth?

I just started taking Xulane, and I read many reviews that have mentioned breast growth. I am getting a breast reduction soon, and wouldn’t want them to grow back. Has anyone had major issues with their breasts growing?

I have had several abcess's underneath my breast. Have had several in the groin area that, luckily?

have drained and healed. !st problem is with the one currently draining from under right breast. No longer draining puss, but draining blood. From the feel of it, there is a lot more that needs to drain. With the slightest bit of pressure on side of abcess, blood comes out. Have been told in the... read more

Anastrozole - Does Arimidex give full coverage dosage every other day?

I'm 75 years oldand have been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, clear nodes, clear margins. Had lumpectomy, 2 chemo treatments, and 30 radiation therapies. I have been on Arimidex for 9 months. Side effects are horrible, joint pains through my body, weakness, dizziness, headaches, pain... read more

Is it possible to get pregnant the last months of implanon?

I'm 21 I've had implanon for almost 3 years. It's due out in September 2013 it's may 2013. I've never experienced Anything like this with implanon before. My breasts are super tender, feel like I'm gunna throw up at random times of the day mostly after I eat I get a... read more

Multiple Sclerosis - Is chest pain common in people with MS?

I have (attacks) times that i get a heavy feeling in my chest it starts under my left breast then turns into a very sharp pain that goes to the top of my left arm,up that side of my neck and around my jaw.It started shortly after all the other symptoms and was only in my chest but now has... read more

Anastrozole - What are my risks if I decide not to take hormone therapy drugs after my surgery for?

... breast cancer? I simply do not want the side effects they will give me

I have been taking 75mg Effexor to counteract the side effects of Arimidex for last 5 years. Now?

... stopped taking as at end of my Breast Cancer Treatment and starting to feel terrible. Sickness, aching, light headed etc. Anyone know if this is normal and how long it will last?

I had protected sex then took plan b just in case. But my nipples are getting darker and Im scared!?

I woke up the morn after i had sex with heavy tingly breast so i rushed and took plan b and it stopped. My period is supposed to start today but im scared. Maybe im overly paranoid but could i be pregnant?

Can the morning after pill make my breasts sore?

So i took the morning after pill about 4 days ago, and my breast have been really really sore today. I still haven't gotten my period either. I took the morning after pill because i was paranoid of getting pregnant (even though we used a condom) i took it 3 days after the first time and i had... read more

Estradiol - quit cold turkey a few weeks ago, now have night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain etc?

My breasts are enormous and sore. I have also gained weight. Im sure this is normal but anyone who quit... can you tell me how long this may last??

I'm a male wanting to have female breasts. can I get estrogen hormones without a prescription?

can I buy estrogen hormones without a doctors prescription? I want to have breasts the same as women.

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