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Breast Milk Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Breast Milk' topic.

Bromocriptine - when will the breast milk stop while on bromocriptin?

Posted 20 Aug 2014 by abiigold 1 answer

hello all, i am 28 years of age, my son is 3yrs 4mnth and i have not been able to conceive. Doctor said it was because of my high prolactin because my breast when pressed still has milk. I have been on bromocriptine now six weeks but am scared, the milk when i press my breast still comes out. Does ...

Pls am not pregnant but my breast milk is coming out which drug should I take?

Posted 12 Apr 2013 by mercy james 1 answer

i once took a birth control might be the course?

Would a breast infection be connected in any way to a stiff and painful neck?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 2 answers

Last year I had a bad infection in my breast milk gland at the same time I had a stiff neck which was extremely painful with little movement.. now the same breast has become infected again and I also have a very painful neck again so severe I can not move it without it going into a spasm do you ...

Why am I having breast milk? Im not pregnant or nursing am on lots medications and injections and my

Posted 12 Nov 2016 by michele harvey 1 answer

... doctor said my hormones prolactin is quite high and what that mean?

Pregnancy - Can pregnant women use Urocit K medication against kidnestone?

Posted 19 Sep 2012 by Gulya 1 answer

FDA pregnancy category C.* This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby. It is not known whether potassium passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby. *Category C - Animal reproduction ...

Valacyclovir - is it contagious that a baby can get the virus???

Posted 28 Apr 2013 by sungoddess39 1 answer

... can pass it to my baby from skin contact? Also I'm breastfeeding & know very little of the rx is passed via breast milk but wondered if the virus can be spread via breastfeeding? Also I have what looks like a pimple (white head) on my gums, is this the herpes virus or tooth absence?

Breasfeeding - Is there any side effect to my 2 months baby if I take xenical?

Posted 29 Oct 2012 by ummi 1 answer

IS there any side effect to my baby? Cos she still take breast milk I am 38 y old

Which preferred in neonate to give augmentin or gentamycine if urine c/s sensitive to both?

Posted 17 Feb 2013 by hemox 1 answer

neonate 4day admitted in nursery with h/o fever , reduced wt , not pass urine for 24 hrs, mother has insufficient breast milk, routine work up taken and given intravenous fluid and pass urine after that, fever subsided shortly, blood c/s show no bacterial growth, but urine c/s show significant ...

'I took fluconazole 150mg on 13th Feb, 2014, when can I start to breast feed my 3 mth old baby?

Posted 15 Feb 2014 by janedy 1 answer

pls when would it leave my system for me to give my 3months old baby breast milk.'

Dear Sir, is there any effect to Baby ( in breast feeding, if mother using Tab. Ursocol 300 mg. ?

Posted 8 Apr 2014 by naveen_nony 1 answer

The Baby age is 01 yr 09 months old. If the baby is in breast feeding when the mother is using Tab. Urcosol 300 mg for last 3 days for gall stones. with d breast milk, the Baby got fever... Is there any other effects to Baby with this fever??? plse tell me the remidy???

I just had a baby in April and decided to use the nordette pill as a contraceptive. I was on the no?

Posted 18 Nov 2014 by shanonasher 1 answer

I just had a baby in April and decided to use the nordette pill as a contraceptive. I was on the nordette pill for two weeks, I went off it because my Gynae told me it would dry up my breast milk, on Friday night my husband and I had sex and the condom broke, immediately I took two nordette pills, ...

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