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Is a heart rate of 127 dangerous for a chf patient with high blood pressure. My father was recently?

Posted 15 Apr 2015 by RueSka 1 answer

... released from hospital after a week stay. Was diagnosed with chf and high blood pressure. Need to know what heart rate numbers should b a consern

Doctor changed my blood pressure medication to lisinopril and norvasc?

Posted 24 May 2015 by icecreamman1 1 answer

BP went up blurred vision

Bisoprolol - I am a 47 year old white female, I just out of the hospital after having a heart attack

Posted 13 May 2015 by Melanie Nelson 1 answer

... and having a stent placed in the "distal circ" area of my heart. While in the hospital my blood pressure ran low and were times that the hospital staff did not give me this medication because my blood pressure was too low. When I take my blood pressure before taking this medication at ...

I have been on qsymia for 1 year and lost 36 lbs I just started the 15.92 MG tab. is there any?

Posted 18 May 2015 by s5550 1 answer

Special diet I should be on? I eat about 1000-1400 calories a day alot of friut... nuts and protein I am a 48 year old female have controlled diabetes and high blood pressure. .. i have reduced my diabetes medicine because of my weight loss:-)

Brintellix - ringing ears and high blood pressure?

Posted 23 Apr 2015 by geeheettee 1 answer

Anyone else experience ringing in their ears or increased blood pressure?

Concerning Isosorbide Mononitrate ER?

Posted 22 Apr 2015 by barbcity 3 answers

My cardiologist recently prescribed this to me. I had a triple by-pass four years ago and I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol but take other medications to control these. I have never had heart or chest pain (no angina). Reading about this medication, it appears to mainly be used to ...

Will prozac raise my blood pressure. Love?

Posted 9 Mar 2014 by lindalouriverrat 1 answer

I am on b p medicine now and it is excellent. No problems. It started going up when l started prozac...

Pharmacology - I am trying to find an over the counter cold and allergy medicine which will dry up?

Posted 7 Apr 2015 by mhugenberg1 2 answers

... nasal drainage, but does not contain pseudophededrine, and is ok for people with high blood pressure, any suggestions?

Is the uncontrollable sleepiness a sign of intolerance to the drug?

Posted 15 May 2015 by Batistad 1 answer

I'm pre type 2 with high blood pressure. I also have severe never damage and spinal disorders so I'm already on pain me that make me tired. I've overcome the side effects from those drugs for the most part. I really need the weight off but I'm so overwhelmed by the sleepiness on ...

Could spironolactone cause itchiness around the vaginal area?

Posted 26 Sep 2014 by gkenwill 1 answer

I don't have a yeast infection but I've had a lot of itchiness around the vaginal area. I take this drug for high blood pressure and low potassium.

Lisinopril - If blood pressure is low when should med be held?

Posted 28 Dec 2014 by pandabearand 1 answer

BP is 93/54

54 year old man with sharp bursting pain in right side of chest. hacking cough, and sputum?

Posted 7 Mar 2015 by Jackie85 2 answers

Made worse by moving or lifting of right arm. Smoker, history of heart attack, blockages, and high blood pressure.

Has anyone taking cymballta had high blood pressure issues?

Posted 7 May 2015 by Louisianagurl 1 answer

I've been on cymballta for 4 days for fibromyalgia and it seems to be helping, however I have been experiencing high blood pressure like 143/117 and terrible headaches in the back of my neck. If I stop taking it after 4 days should I have any issues with withdrawl? Please help at the end of my ...

Is there a blood pressure med that increases calcium deposits (stones)?

Posted 2 May 2015 by evaluator 1 answer

I frequently have kidney stones. Recently diagnosed stone in salivary gland. Could a blood pressure med be the causing a calcium excess. (Benazapril (20 mg/day), Nadolol 40 mg/day), Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg/day, & Norvasc (5 mg/day) I drink a gallon of water a day, and 1 beer/week. Trying to ...

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