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Diabetic Nephropathy - I was taking Linsinopril HCTZ 20-12.5 2 pills a day my blood pressure was?

Posted 12 May 2016 by Jon Holick 0 answers

... little high so my Doctor increased it 20-25 but he said only take 1 pill a day instead of 2 but I think I'm not taking enough by only 1 , I was wondering what is true My Name is Jon Holick

Today was my first time taking Saxenda. I'm overweight. No high blood pressure, no diabetes. Doc is?

Posted 10 May 2016 by LaidyLisa 0 answers

... giving to me for weight loss. I'm excited to see the outcome of the medication with my body. I"m also on a wait list to get bariatric surgery. Day one- mouth is a bit dry- feeling kinda tired, had a bout of sweats pretty bad with shopping, then nausea came on strong. Drank a fountain ...

Blood Pressure Medication Help?

Posted 21 May 2016 by RTD20001 0 answers

Hello all. Would greatly appreciate some guidance on blood pressure medication. I went to the doc 10 days ago and he stated that my blood pressure (135/88) was too high and that it is time I start taking medication. The doc prescribed me Amlodipine 5 mg. I haven't noticed any improvement with ...

I started king Centrum Silver +50 and my pulse went to 107 and I had tremors, can thi caused b that?

Posted 3 May 2016 by missjean12345 0 answers

I started taking my blood pressure after feeling funny after made the bed after taking this vitamin, after thinking about it I took blood pressure and it was higher thn normal but my pulse was 107, this went on all day, can this be the cause?

How can I help my ED?

Posted 9 May 2016 by 49 and holding 1 answer

i am having a bad problem having ED is there anything i can take that won't affect my heart i am curently taking metoprol for my blood pressure i am also diabetic and i have pulmanary heart disease its really frustrating not being able to preform i need something that will help me but at the ...

Which of the two medications in Azor lowers the systolic blood pressure?

Posted 19 Mar 2016 by slaibl 0 answers

I cannot afford to buy the Azor prescriptions and the generic equivalent causes side effects. Without it my blood pressure is about 155/68. Can I take only one these medications to lower the systolic pressure and will it help with the side effects which are excessive fatigue.

Does grapefruit affect the absorption of the high blood pressure medicine: Irbesartan?

Posted 23 Mar 2014 by Mary K Smith 1 answer

Request information as to the affect of grapefruit on the high blood pressure that follows: Irbesartan Metoprolol ER, Triamterene/HCTZ

Switching from Sotalol to Metoprolol?

Posted 17 Feb 2016 by Billwo 1 answer

Because my GFR as dropped to 29 I have been told to make this switch from Sotalol to Metoprolol. My Blood Pressure is 120 over 80 and I hve diabetes and CKD. What do you think about this?

Atenolol - Is it normally prescribed for pacemaker induced excessive heart rate (HR 131)?

Posted 16 Apr 2016 by Pamisha 0 answers

My new and excellently functioning pacemaker was recently readjusted, since when I have had dizzy spells, a gradually dropping blood pressure and a gradually rising heart rate. It went from a normal for me reading of 125/ 64/ 78 to 100/ 54/131 within 4 days . My pacemaker doctor refuses to reset ...

New here with new afib?

Posted 29 Mar 2016 by meblonde 1 answer

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question? I have been on lisinopril for about 3 years. no problems worked good for my slightly high blood pressure. I have had benign heart palpitations for about 15 years. A week ago today. My palpitations turned into afib and landed me in the ...

Lisinopril - Safe to Lisinopril if you have glaucoma?

Posted 11 Nov 2015 by BobbyJohnsonJr 1 answer

I have prediabetes and high blood pressure. and take and Lisinopril for lowing BP. After a few months of using it, my eye test confirm my eye pressure has gone up more. Should I not be taking lisinopril? Is that making my glaucoma worse?

Harvoni - My Blood pressure went way up. On treatment . 3 months later still taking blood pressure?

Posted 3 Apr 2016 by Mink8183 1 answer

... medications. Will this go away? We're I don't have to take medication

High Blood Pressure - While I was in jail I was taking Enalapril 5 mg once a day, for three months?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by ginom42958 1 answer

... They released me with a prescription for this medication for one month. I took it and have not been back to the doctor since running out 10 months ago. My blood pressure has been 151/109 with a pulse of 90. A friend of mine gave me 3 Amlodipine 10 mg. is it safe for me to take this medication

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