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High Blood Pressure - What other diuretic can I take that is potassium sparing?

Posted 7 May 2015 by phoenixrising1 1 answer

I have lupus and recently dx with 3rd stage kidney failure. Have been treated in the past with valsartan hctz 160/12.5mg. Changed primary care physician and new physician prescribed lisinopril hctz 10/12.5 And my systolic numbers have gone up but the diastolic number (70) has stayed the same since ...

What dosage of atenolol do you take to help with blood pressure and to keep palpitations away?

Posted 21 Jun 2015 by mrphil82 1 answer

I am on a 25 mg and sometimes feel a skipped beat. It seems to be happening more frequently. I'm seeing my cardio soon. Thanks.

Is the k-tab good for hypertension?

Posted 22 Jun 2015 by barry grice 1 answer

k-tab er 10 meq was given inplace of chlorthalidone it don't seem to work the same for my high blood pressure

Do people with baseline low blood pressure have poor kidney perfusion?

Posted 2 Jun 2015 by nursetobe 2 answers

When the blood pressure is low there is less blood perfusion to the kidneys because the kidneys are not a vital organ. It can take as little as 20 minutes to cause acute tubular necrosis. What about people that have low blood pressure as their baseline?

How important is not to break a pill on half even if my doctor toll me to do it because is to stong?

Posted 6 Jun 2015 by rickymonster67 3 answers

the pill is to strong for me and i talk whit my doctor and he say to cut the pill on half and take only it is ok to do this

Lisinopril - Was taking lisiniprol ..stopped it 6 days ago .how long until it's completely out of?

Posted 7 May 2015 by Dawnc34 2 answers

... my system blood pressure is still in normal range doctor thinks I might not need med anymore

Is a blood pressure of 141/84 high?

Posted 8 Nov 2014 by Trudys1978 1 answer

Hello I am wondering is a blood pressure of 141/84 with a pulse of 91 a cause for concern for a 38 year old male that is resting? Also what would a normal reading be for a resting and an active pressure? He has been experiencing chest pain, fluttering and tightness in his chest,dizziness and has ...

Question about harvoni while on other meds?

Posted 7 Jun 2015 by dominic70043 1 answer

Hello all ! I am soon to start taking harvoni, i do currently take lisiniprol for blood pressure. Anyone here have any side effects with combining any 2 drugs?

Does Contrave cause your blood pressure to rise?

Posted 14 Apr 2015 by sursum 2 answers

Most medicines that say they can cause high blood pressure as a side effect make mine skyrocket (such as any decongestant). Does Contrave have this side effect. If so, I am afraid to take it.

Atacand blood pressure medicine?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by wayward2 1 answer

my blood pressure fluctuates from 150/90 to as low as 97/67. Should I skip taking medication? thanks for your response.

Since I started using Epinastine HCI twice daily, my blood pressure seems to be elevated.could?

Posted 13 Jun 2015 by cullen08 1 answer

The medication be causing this? Never had a problem with high blood pressure before.

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