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Biafine Questions

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Is it necessary to tell my doctor if I have changed the dosage on my meds?

Posted 6 Nov 2009 3 answers

My last visit with my dermatologist was on 10/22/09. I asked my doctor if he had a stronger oral medication I can take? He told me to take Zyrtec twice a day for pain of my shingles rash. I tried it one day but I still had alot of back pain and switched back to taking the (Benadryl allergy pills, 3 ...

Biafine emulsion expiration time?

Posted 2 Jan 2013 by arriflex 1 answer

I have a tube of Biafine Emulsion and on the end it says 08 2005. Will that be the production date or th expiration date? How long can it work?

Can I get Biafine Rx from you, through my Dr.s Rx?

Posted 7 Jan 2014 by Fjleon 2 answers

Walgreens has a script from Dr Brodsky. Arlington Hts , IL walgreens on northwest Highway and dryden pl crosstreet. Walgreens said the medication is no longer made and not available. That is why I want to transfer my script to you, ordo you have any other suggestions? Bthanks Frank J Leon, ...

Can Biafine cream be used as a lotion for around the eyes?

Posted 31 Jan 2014 by RaelleMadrid 1 answer

to remove the wrinkles, itching, allergies, dark circles, etc.

Can Biafine Cream cause a drug interaction when it is used with other oral medications?

Posted 31 Oct 2009 1 answer

I have really sensitive skin and have been using the Biafine Topical Emulsion for about one and a half months now for some skin abrasions on my back. I am also taking Benadryl oral medication and baby aspirin for pain relief.

Is it okay to feel tightness and pain after I apply Biafine Cream to my skin rash?

Posted 30 Oct 2009 1 answer

I am using the Biafine topical emulsion that was prescribed by my dermatologist and when I apply to my open sores on my back it get a stinging feeling then that pain disappears but one hour later my back feels really tight and painful. Should I stop using Biafine or contact my Dermatologist for ...

Since Biafine Emulsion does not contain a sun block is it okay to put a sunblock on over it?

Posted 12 Feb 2010 by grieve01 1 answer

Healing treatment after treatment with Aldara.

Should biafine be discontinued if the area bleeds with use?

Posted 8 Dec 2011 by epr4410s 1 answer

I have some open wounds where stitches did not hold and was told to use biafine several times a day, but I noticed at night the area tends to start bleeding. Should I discontinue use until the bleeding stops?

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