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What do you do when your pain meds have disappeared!?

Posted 7 Mar 2012 by cleo130 7 answers

I went into my drawer where I keep all my medications and one was missing... my Avinza 120mg. I got this refilled on 2/29 and filled up my weekly pill container. This morning I it was time to fill it again and my Avinza seems to have disappeared. I dumped both drawers out, thinking it might have ...

Avinza - This is a testimonial not a question?

Posted 27 Oct 2015 by Uncle buck 2 answers

After years of Hydrocodone pain therapy, 4 tablets a day, the boat ride up and down everytime you take one, having to carry them wherever you go, the constant concerns about too much Tylenol on your liver. Finally one day my druggist recommended Avinza. One 60mg capsule every 24 hours. My doctor ...

I posted this question before and never got a response. How full are the capsules of Avinza 30 mgs?

Posted 31 Jul 2013 by fairieme1 2 answers

I am asking because I think someone might have taken some of the beads out of the capsules. I keep them locked up now but I found out a family member had been caught doing this sort of thing before.

What is the best way to stop taking Avinza?

Posted 6 Feb 2013 by Maija 2 answers

I have been taking Avinza 60 mg. every night for pain for a back injury. I have followed a lengthy course of physical therapy and would like to eliminate Avinza if only to see what my current level of pain is without medication. I have heard that there are challenging withdrawal symptoms.

Is anyone on Zyprexa and Avanza?

Posted 25 Apr 2012 by support66 1 answer

I am on 7.5mg zprexa and 15mg avanza, how long until i start feeling less anxious and less depressed? Any input would be appreciated.

Have scoliosis,spinal stinosis,arthritis of the spine, herniated disc. etc. Have been on 180MG?

Posted 12 Dec 2011 by dggk 1 answer

Avinza, 10/325 Percocet 3XDay, 600MG Neurontin daily. I wanted something cheaper than the Avinza so Dr. put me on Fentanyl 50 which I just started. Was wondering if anyone thought Fentanyl is better than Avinza? Right now I am having severe Sciatic pain. I have had surgery and have 4 fusions with ...

Mirtazapine -i have a bleeding disorder does it cause bleeding?

Posted 21 Jul 2011 by Kitty Kat1 1 answer

i've been on avanza for 4 days nowand i'm very happy with it. Today i had 2 nose bleeds and was wondering if that could be the avanza my Dr. said it might cause bleeding but shouldn't to just to keep an eye on it. Is the avanza causing me to bleed?

I was on 120 mg avinza,i could no longer afford it so my dr. switched me to 50mcg fentanyl patch?

Posted 12 Oct 2011 by tryntostopthepain 2 answers

this doesnt help. could it be that its just not strong enough compared compared to the 120 mg avinza? does anyonr know how to figure this out? thanks alot!

When taking Avinza 60mg can Nucynta be taken as a breakthrough med!?

Posted 25 Aug 2011 by cleo130 1 answer

I take Avinza 60mg at night for chronic debilitating pain (IC, Fibro, IBS, etc,). I had some leftover nucynta 100mg that my Urologist had prescribed before I went back to my pain doc and got back on Avinza. He has given me tramadol 50mg as a breakthrough med. I asked him about using nucynta instead ...

My comment is for ponderosa1827 in relation to Avanza?

Posted 15 Aug 2011 by skins1970 1 answer

Hi there Its called something else over in the USA Retorin or something similar to this anyway it is a anti depressant anti anxiety anti insomnia medication with little or no side affects (apparently) i have no yet filled my script as i havent finished loving my valium and serepax. Well i say that ...

What are the effects of avinza (morphine) 90mg a day on the mind and body?

Posted 23 Jan 2011 by Margaux A 1 answer

i have been prescribed 90mg of morphine for back pain for more than 8 hrs. I finally had enough and am withdrawing with 30mg 2x a day I don't seem to have the typical symbols of w/drawl (sweating,vomiting,diahria),etc,but don't really know what I'm suppose to feel. I feel very ...

Has anyone taken avinza or something similar and experienced horrible joint pain and aching hands?

Posted 28 Apr 2011 by cleo130 1 answer

I have Chronic Pain which has been going on more than 10 years. IC, Fibro, IBS, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Osteoporosis/Arthritis and Depression (big surprise there!) possibly an autoimmune disorder. I have an unsympathetic Primary doc, a great ARNP who works with her Urologist husband and tried to see ...

Need suggestion on what dose of Avinza would replace 80mgs oxycontin three times per day?

Posted 27 Nov 2010 by ksrock2 2 answers

For three months I have suffered severe side effects to the new oxycontin formula. I have stopped taking it now for 14 days. I do take oxy ir;s but they are not controlling my pain and I would like to know what would be a good dosage to start at? I am opaite tolerate I have had nurmous surgeries ...

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