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Can I take lorazepam 1 mg. 1 hour after taking Hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5/500mg. (lortab)?

Posted 4 Apr 2010 by Jorge A. Gonzalez 3 answers

Well, I suffer from cancer to my tongue, actually my tongue was removed and I'm receiving chemo once a week of Cetuximab/Avastin, but I have a terrrible pain in my body and also in my throat. I take Hydorcod/acetamino during the whole day and 3 tablets of lorazepam 1 mg. before going to bed, ...

Who are the manufacturers of Avastin (bevacizumab)?

Posted 9 Dec 2009 by Haruna Danjuma 1 answer

Avastin is cancer medicine which we are recommended to buy for treatment as urgent as we can along with other drugs.

Renal Cell Carcinoma - is avaston a kinase inhibitor like sutent is? anyone stage 4 with mets had?

Posted 19 Dec 2009 by dunn25 2 answers

... results with avastin alone? havent read anything about taking avaston by itself. donna

Chemical structure of avastin?

Posted 25 Sep 2010 by girishmittal89 2 answers

What is the difference between Mvasi and Avastin?

Posted 10 Oct 2017 1 answerFAQ by

Breast Cancer, Metastatic - I have been on avastin for 8 months besides having bp problems I have?

Posted 25 Nov 2009 by nick44 1 answer

... not had any other side effects. how long can i stay on avastin?

I have cataracts - should I take Eylea?

Posted 1 Mar 2012 by TheWizOfAz 1 answer

I have been getting Avastin treatments in my right eye for over a year, and it is still wet. My doctor has recommended Eylea, but I have read that if you have cataracts that you should not use Eylea.

Is it possible to get an itchy rash from Avastin shots in the eyes?

Posted 1 Apr 2012 by howardrh34 2 answers

I have shots every six weeks and lately in both eyes for maculear degeneration. The rash started in late Dec. I've had the shots for at least two years. The allergist said it is from a medicine but we have not been able to pin it down.

How to treat headache caused by bevacizumab? Occurs immediately after infusion & lasts 3-4 days?

Posted 31 May 2014 by shebakesalot 1 answer

Headaches are much more severe than when on full Chemotherapy regimen. Avastin treatment received via infusion every two weeks for maintenance therapy (sole medication in current therapy.) Have had four treatments and each time headache as side effect is more severe - cumulative? Are triptans or ...

Avastin/Colorectal Cancer?

Posted 21 Sep 2009 by nanajb70 1 answer

I have read an article that says Avastin actually hastens the growth of a tumor for a patient with advanced colorectal cancer. Is this true?

What kind of quality of life can you expect with Avastin?

Posted 12 Nov 2009 by monicajoy1960 1 answer

My father was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in July 2009. He underwent 6 weeks of radiation and chemo which did no good. His doctor started him on Avastin yesterday. What can we expect?

Can avastin cause diarrhea?

Posted 24 Feb 2010 by dan10276 1 answer

Can liver cancer patient use avastin?

Posted 27 Aug 2010 by naspari 1 answer

helo, my brother diagnosed liver cancer in may 2010.can he use avastin drug?

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