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How was your experience on the Aubra birth control?

Posted 10 Oct 2014 by Melissaaa 3 answers

I was wondering the side effects. It's my first time taking birth control and I'm really nervous about it. I'm worried about weight gain, my mood, and my libido! Please let me know. Seeing all these reviews are scaring me to be honest. Thanks!

Aubra - How long did it take for your period to get in line with the placebo pills?

Posted 2 May 2018 by texaslover 0 answers

I'm on my second pack and was just curious to see how long it took for y'all's periods to start during the last week of the pill pack? My first month I had some spotting and then had my period for 14 days and I'm now on my second pack, a week out from the placebo pills and I ...

Does Aubra make it harder to hold your alcohol?

Posted 4 May 2018 by Brookevcookie 0 answers

I have noticed that since I started taking it, I can't get as drunk as I used to. Usually I end up throwing up.

I have a weird problem, I havent heard about anyone else with this. I started Aubra 3 months ago.?

Posted 20 Apr 2018 by kkfame02 0 answers

... every time i have gotten my period for the last 3 months, its been exactly on the saturday of my second week, instead of on the week of placebo pills. i continue taking normal pills during the week of my period, and i still get my period anyways. my period has also gotten 3-4 days longer with ...

Is it safe to have my boyfriend ejaculate in me while I am on the pill?

Posted 10 Apr 2018 by scotthj 0 answers

I take it at the same time every day and have been on it for years. The brand is Aubra and I am looking to hear from others also on the pill.

Aubra birth control - on my 4th week and no period?

Posted 20 Aug 2014 by Ceciliacruz 4 answers

I have been taking aubra birth control pills for 3 weeks now. I am on my 4th week (brown pills) i am on the 3rd day of the week and i have not gotten my period. Should i be worried?

Aubra - Has anyone had any change in temerment?

Posted 23 Mar 2018 by MinimamaI 0 answers

I'm on the first week of aubra ive been on cures and another pill before and in the last week my ability to keep a calm head has shortened. I yelled at three of my coworkers for nearly no reason. I'm just wondering if this is something that some people experience and if so does it get ...

My bleeding won’t stop even after I stopped taking the placebos, and I’m back on the next pack!?

Posted 25 Dec 2017 by Sphinxmystery 1 answer

I’m an 18 year old girl, and I recently got a new pack of Birth Control Pills(Aubra). I have the 7 day sugar pills that I have to take for my period, which is what I did. I had no bleeding, except for very minimal spotting throughout the week, until the final day of the placebos when it ...

Aubra - I decided to get on the birth control pill a week before my period was supposed to come on?

Posted 12 Feb 2018 by Alexis215 0 answers

... ..should I be worried if its late?

Aubra - I've just started on my third pack and every time I have sex with my boyfriend I get?

Posted 27 Dec 2017 by Shanalin18 0 answers

... bleeding. Obviously this is something I want to avoid, will it go away or is something wrong?

Aubra - I want to stop taking birth control I hate how it made me feel like I was going to throw up?

Posted 9 Dec 2017 by Blount90 0 answers

... every morning and i wasn't hungry i won't i want to stop taking can stop taking if me and bf just had sex last and he nut inside me

I've been on Aubra for almost a year. Yesterday morning my boyfriend ejaculated me. And I missed out

Posted 2 Sep 2017 by IsabellaVR 1 answer

... taking my birth control last night at 12pm (my usual time) and i woke up at 7am to take it. Will I be okay and not pregnant or should I also take a Plan B pill?

This is my first time taking birth control and I just ordered Aubra? Did I make a mistake?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by chosali12 1 answer

I just ordered Aubra and I've never taken birth control before. I ordered it because I hear it's supposed to make your periods lighter and less painful and mine are usually pretty bad! I have a vacation coming up in a couple of weeks and it's the week I'm supposed to start my ...

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