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Atrial Fibrillation News

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Your Apple Watch Might Help Spot a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

Posted 18 Mar 2019 by

MONDAY, March 18, 2019 – Someday soon, devices like the Apple Watch might be monitoring wearers for heart conditions such as potentially dangerous atrial fibrillation, a new study suggests. Atrial fibrillation, or "a-fib," is a common form of irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart problems. It affects up to 6 million Americans, but many people...

Should You Get Pills or Surgery for A-Fib?

Posted 15 Mar 2019 by

FRIDAY, March 15, 2019 – Many older Americans have the worrisome and potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, or "a-fib," and they're typically offered medicines or a surgery called ablation to correct it. Which works best? Two new trials may have the answer. Researchers say ablation and medicines perform similarly in protecting a-fib patients from stroke, death...

Low-Carb Diets Linked to Higher Odds for A-Fib

Posted 6 Mar 2019 by

WEDNESDAY, March 6, 2019 – Keto, Paleo, Atkins – there's no shortage of low-carb diets to try, but new research suggests that over time, living low-carb can raise your risk of a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, or a-fib. People who regularly got fewer than 45 percent of their calories from carbohydrates were 18 percent more likely to develop a-fib than people who ate a moderate...

Everyday 'Triggers' May Bring on A-Fib Episodes, Study Finds

Posted 14 Feb 2019 by

THURSDAY, Feb. 14, 2019 – Many older Americans are diagnosed with the irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, or "a-fib." Now, research suggests that everyday foods, drinks or activities might trigger episodes of the stroke-linked condition. The bad news: Triggers include coffee, alcohol and sleepless nights. The good news: These factors can all be avoided or reduced, according to...

'Extreme' Exercise No Danger to Middle-Aged Hearts: Study

Posted 30 Jan 2019 by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 30, 2019 – Middle-aged men who partake in extreme exercise are not putting their heart health at risk, a new study contends. Aging athletes who do eight or more hours a week of vigorous exercise have no greater risk of early death than people who work out less often, researchers found. Extreme exercise included activities such as fast running or biking, as well as competitive...

Breast Cancer May Bring Higher Odds for A-fib, Too

Posted 29 Jan 2019 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 29, 2019 – Women diagnosed with breast cancer may face a higher risk of developing the abnormal heartbeat called atrial fibrillation (a-fib), Danish researchers report. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. In 2018, more than 2 million women were diagnosed with the disease. The inflammation the disease causes might increase the risk for a-fib, the...

Cardiologist Groups Say Newer Blood Thinners Best Against A-Fib

Posted 28 Jan 2019 by

MONDAY, Jan. 28, 2019 – Newer blood thinners are recommended over warfarin for people with the heart condition called atrial fibrillation (a-fib) in updated treatment guidelines issued by three major American heart groups. The newer drugs are called non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOACs). Examples include dabigatran (Pradaxa), rivaroxaban (Xarelto) and apixaban (Eliquis). They don't require...

Could Your Apple Watch Spot Dangerous A-Fib?

Posted 28 Dec 2018 by

THURSDAY, Dec. 27, 2018 – That shiny new Apple Watch you got this holiday could potentially alert you to heart trouble you didn't know you had. The watch contains a simple electrocardiogram (ECG) that tracks your heart rhythm and can detect the presence of atrial fibrillation ("A-fib"), an irregular heartbeat that increases your risk for stroke and heart failure. More than 400,000 Apple Watch...

Too Much Salt Might Help Spur A-Fib

Posted 7 Dec 2018 by

FRIDAY, Dec. 7, 2018 – A high-salt diet could raise your risk for a common heart rhythm disorder, new research suggests. Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) is a quivering or irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots or other complications. It affects millions of people worldwide and puts them at higher risk for stroke and, in rare cases, can lead to heart failure. This study included 716...

Botox May Help Prevent Post-Op A-Fib

Posted 5 Dec 2018 by

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5, 2018 – Botox has other uses beyond enhancing lips and minimizing facial wrinkles. Scientists now say it may help prevent atrial fibrillation after heart surgery. A-fib – an abnormal heart rhythm – is common after heart surgery, and it's linked to stroke and heart failure. But two new studies suggest that botox injections during surgery temporarily freeze nerve bundles in the...

Health Tip: Risk Factors For AFib

Posted 3 Dec 2018 by

-- Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications, the American Heart Association says. The Association reports at least 2.7 million Americans are living with AFib. A normally-functioning heart contracts and relaxes to a regular beat. But if a person has atrial fibrillation, the upper chambers of the...

Marathons Can Tax Amateurs' Hearts

Posted 3 Dec 2018 by

MONDAY, Dec. 3, 2018 – While completing a full marathon is a goal for many amateur runners, new research shows a shorter endurance race might put less strain on the heart. To gauge stress on the heart among 63 amateur runners after they had run either a full marathon, a half marathon or a 10-kilometer race, the researchers assessed levels of certain proteins that are tied to heart issues. People...

E-Alerts Dramatically Cut Heart Attack Rate for People Hospitalized With A-Fib

Posted 12 Nov 2018 by

SUNDAY, Nov. 11, 2018 – A simple pop-up alert on a computer screen could help save the brains and hearts of many hospital-bound people with an irregular heartbeat, a new clinical trial reveals. Rates for heart attack and stroke plunged by close to 90 percent in people helped by the new program, the study found. The computer alert warns doctors of the high stroke risk borne by individual patients...

Opioid Use May Sometimes Trigger A-Fib

Posted 5 Nov 2018 by

MONDAY, Nov. 5, 2018 – Opioid users may be putting themselves at increased risk for atrial fibrillation ("A-fib"), an abnormal heart rhythm that can lead to a stroke, a new study suggests. The preliminary finding stems from an analysis of medical records of more than 850,000 military veterans. It found that opioid use increases the likelihood of A-fib by 34 percent. "We all know that the opioid...

Daylight Saving Time Tied to Rise in A-Fib Hospitalizations

Posted 5 Nov 2018 by

MONDAY, Nov. 5, 2018 – When Americans set clocks an hour ahead in the spring for Daylight Saving Time, hospitalizations rise for people with a common type of irregular heartbeat, a new study finds. Atrial fibrillation affects at least 3 million Americans and possibly twice that many. Its main danger is an increased risk for stroke or heart failure, the study authors pointed out. Researchers --...

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