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Atorvastatin Questions

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How long does atorvastatin stay in the system after stopping the drug?

What are the side effects of statins?

Atorvastatin - Does atorvastatin cause anxiety and panic attacks?

Anyone having extreme anxiety and panic attacks as a side effect from taking this. I read on this website one other person had the same reaction to this medicine? I take1 tablet every night at bedtime.

Atorvastatin - Anyone else gaining weight?

I stopped and lost about 7 pounds. Then I started back on--- only 1 every day or two--- and I gained back 5. Also have a very stiff neck. But my main concern is the weight gain for no apparent reason. Also very bloated. Anyone else have this happen?

Is there a "best time of day" to take Atorvastatin?

... I've read that - to some - it doesn't matter and to others, it's best to take it at bedtime... I'm about to start this medication and I'm trying to figure out this thing when to take it. Thank you!

Is there a generic drug available for lipitor?

If not then will Lipitor go generic?

If I have aches and pains from taking several different statins will all statins affect me?

I have now taken 4 different statins, simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin and atorvastatin. They all caused me muscle and joint soreness, my hands ache so bad and I seem to have lost some strength in them. When I stopped the statins there was great improvement! Will all statins do this for me or... read more

I am 51 year,I take plavix (75mg),and aspirin(81mg),atorvastatin (10mg) daily after stent placement?

... almost from 4 month ago and my doctor order until 8 months I must use ,but gastrointestinal side effects are very seen,bloating,stomachpain,pain in joints,back pain,and I use RANITIDIN but stomach pain and bloating is hard and acute ,what can i do?

Does grapefruit interfere with atenolol, aspirin, amlodipine, atorvastatin or allopurinol?

25mg Atenolol 75 mg Asprin 5 mg Amlodipine 20 mg Atorvastatin 450 mg Allopurinoll

Is is necessary to take (3) different blood pressure medicines?

My husband is taking Carvedilol, Lisinopril and Spironolactone. I am concerned about the side effects of taking so many medicines. He is also taking Atorvastatin, Warfarin, and Plavix.

Do any of my medicines contain alpha-lipoic acid?

gabapentin omeprazole atorvastatin labetalol meloxicam Myzdetriq chlorthalidone aspirin 81 mg

Combination of atorvastatin and losartan?

Any possible combination of losartan with atorvastatin available so far?

Atorvastatin - Is it safe to stop taking lipitor 10mg abruptly?

Constant constipation and muscle weakness. Never had high cholesterol. Was put on drug after blocked artery in abdominal aorta

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