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Is the gluten contained in ergocalciferol 50000 from animals or plants?

Posted 5 Jan 2018 by Not available 1 answer

hi can you please answer the above question; and another question please when we see gluten in the ingredients of any medicine is it usually animal gluten or plant gluten? thanks a lot

My puppie got smashed in the door on Saturday. They gave her tramadol and Guhpentine.

Posted 29 Oct 2017 by CrystalSmith 1 answer

She can't poop. She can barely stand due to injury, plus she is only 2 pounds. What can I give her to make her poop and more comfortable? Please help. It's unbearable watching your animals suffer.

Is Nexium 24hr safe for animals?

Posted 26 Aug 2017 by Bobbietue 1 answer

I have a 2 and a half old pup who is having severe gas and her stomach is gurgling. Can I give her Nexium 24hr?

Is the glycerin in ketotifen fumarate vegetable based or animal based?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by sharondee 0 answers

Is the glycerin in ketotifen fumarate vegetable based or animal based? Is this Kosher to use for people who do not eat pork based products?

Vitamin D2 50000 unit capsule MRF; strides pharmacy gelatin is from plant or animal?

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by MALIK 1 0 answers

Any other vitamin d 50000 that is vegetarian pl let me know

Is there a PCA dosing "button" available for those with mobility impairment?

Posted 30 Mar 2017 by coryg 0 answers

Hello, I'm a healthcare buyer with a question. Looking for a pca "button" for individuals who have limited use of their hands. Is there such an animal?

Am I really the only one with strange intrusive thoughts?

Posted 21 Sep 2016 by Katyf 3 answers

I am becoming desperate my thoughts won't go,they are so strange I feel like I'm going to start making sounds like animals... really worried that my mind is broken

Does tiger balm contain TIGER PARTS?

Posted 10 Feb 2015 by Lulu Feline 1 answer

Many Asian countries value animal parts for their supposed health value. Does the cream sold in the US under the name TIGER BALM contain tiger parts?

Can Ursodiol 300 mg capsules Watson 3159 be the same drug they use for animals?

Posted 14 Jan 2017 by barball 0 answers

when checking prices for Ursodiol 300mg caosules, I noticed it is cheaper to buy for a pet than for humans. Why is this & are they same formula?

A lab. in Massachusetts has completed animal studies utilizing 17 Beta estradiol for slowing and?

Posted 23 Oct 2016 by Joe Tee 0 answers

stopping the symptoms of Huntington's Disease. (The lab. is the Huntington's Disease Research Foundation in Worcester, Ma.). Has anyone read the patented Rx they have? Is there any interest in this research, which hopefully will be in clinical trials very soon here in the USA and possibly ...

Can humans take cyproheptadine? Because I tried to purchase some but I read it's only for animals?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by MochaAmor 2 answers

Hey I'm Tashika I had a question I'm currently suffering from anorexia And was trying to order some cyproheptadine in the hopes of gaining weight gaining confidence in my self because I've been thin my whole life but when I tried to purchase some it says that the product is for ...

Ivermectin - How long if any beef animals injected with ivomectim needs to pass to butcher?

Posted 3 Sep 2016 by KLHass82764 0 answers

Butchering in 6 weeks is it safe to inject ivomection?

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