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Has anyone had any trouble switching from Aviane to Orsythia?

Posted 4 Feb 2012 by cmal0017 20 answers

My pharmacy switched me to Orsythia (I had been taking Aviane) when I went to get my refill. I know they are both generics of Alesse, but since I've had such trouble in the past with birth control, and was doing great on Aviane with no side effects at all, I'm a bit nervous. Has anyone ...

Can I take 3-4 placebo "sugar" pills instead of 7 while on birth control?

Posted 21 Mar 2015 by TealBlue 1 answer

I'm currently using Alysena 28 as a form of birth control. It is a monophasic pill, and contains 21 active pills and 7 sugar pills. I've been using it for 5 months now and take it at the same time every day, and have never missed an active pill. However, I get migraines (without aura) and ...

What if I lose an active pill? Can I take 20 active pills instead of 21 this month?

Posted 28 Jun 2018 by F24 1 answer

I lost an active pill from alesse 28 pack so I had to take anothe one. So I will be finishing my pack one day earlier this month? Is it safe?

It's my first time taking bc and I don't know if I should chose Mirena or Alesse?

Posted 1 Jun 2018 by j84013177 1 answer

I'm 16, and I want an iud because I don't have to remember to take a pill everyday, and from what I've read online there's smaller chances of weight gain, acne, mood swings, etc. compared to alesse, but I'm scared of the more sever side effects I've read about, or ...

I missed 3 active days. I took 3 pills in 1 day. now my period comes 10 days early. what do I do?

Posted 8 Mar 2018 by yoo12 1 answer

I have been on Alesse for about 8 months. Not last month but the month before I missed 3 active days. the 3 days just before the sugar pills. Rather then starting a new pack I took the 3 pills in 1 day. Now last month and this month my period has been coming 10 days early? What do I do to correct ...

Is spotting a sign of pregnancy?

Posted 8 Mar 2018 by Anonymous1244 0 answers

I’ve been on Alesse 28 for just under a year now and have been taking it at the same time every night. We do not use a condom, and my boyfriend has ejaculated inside me the past few times.. yesterday and today I have had some brown spotting? I’m supposed to take my placebo pills ...

Alesse-28 - Period comes 5 days early for 3 months?

Posted 21 Jan 2018 by Gisele seve 0 answers

My daughter started the pills 3 months ago but her period comes 5 days early every month is this normal and is it still effective also she is getting married in 3 months and right now her period will arriv right then how can we avoid this timing and will it still be effective she has a period of ...

Started my Alesse pack a day late?

Posted 7 Dec 2017 by Tabithak 0 answers

So this is my first time being on birth control (Alesse) mid month I woke up one morning to find a pill on my bed and since I was taking it at 6 am I thought I forgot so I took it in a rush .. turns out I did take it at 6 am and I took the next day too . So that’s two pills I took that ...

Can vitamins affect birth control pill efficacy?

Posted 10 Jun 2015 by cupcake217 1 answer

Hi there, I'm a 26 year old, sexually active female. I'm currently on the birth control pill Alesse 28, which I've been taking for more than a year. I've never missed a pill and am very diligent about taking my pill at roughly the same time every day. I've recently started ...

Birth Control - What happens if you start-stop-start taking BC pills?

Posted 14 Jan 2017 by Rgdb12 1 answer

I'm 22 years old. I was on ortho tri-cyclen lo 4 months ago and tool for for 2 months then stopped, now just today I started taking Alesse after my mom literally shoved it down my throat. My mom forced me to take them since she is extremely paranoid of me getting pregnant, even though I have ...

Birth Control Pills - Period won't stop after starting Alesse 28?

Posted 4 Nov 2015 by hazelflowers 1 answer

This is my first time taking any sort of hormonal contraceptive. I was told I could start the pill right when I got them or wait til Sunday to start. I decided to go with the first option and at that point I was on the 3rd day of my period (on a Wednesday). Usually my periods last 7 to 9 days max ...

Alesse-28 - Does Alesse 28 makes you sleepy?

Posted 25 Jul 2017 by jhel2017 0 answers

I've been taking this BC pills and i've noticed that i've been so sleepy all the time..

Missed birth control pill yesterday?

Posted 24 Jun 2017 by mariababy 0 answers

I started Alesse 28 a couple months back and this is my first time being on the pill. I forgot to take a pill yesterday and when I woke up this morning around 8am, I realized I started bleeding. I immediately took both yesterday's and today's pills. I'm about a week into this pack ...

Birth Control - Started Alesse 28 on a Thursday ? Am I safe ?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by Mushu 0 answers

Hello I had my period on a Sunday or on a Monday (can't remember exactly) and I took my very first pill of Alesse 28 on the Thursday of that week until now. I am going to have sex for the last 3 days of my pink pills before the placebo ones. Am I still going to be protected of being pregnant ?

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