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Alesse-28 Questions

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Can I take 3-4 placebo "sugar" pills instead of 7 while on birth control?

Posted 21 Mar 2015 by TealBlue 1 answer

I'm currently using Alysena 28 as a form of birth control. It is a monophasic pill, and contains 21 active pills and 7 sugar pills. I've been using it for 5 months now and take it at the same time every day, and have never missed an active pill. However, I get migraines (without aura) and ...

Birth Control Pills - Period won't stop after starting Alesse 28?

Posted 4 Nov 2015 by hazelflowers 1 answer

This is my first time taking any sort of hormonal contraceptive. I was told I could start the pill right when I got them or wait til Sunday to start. I decided to go with the first option and at that point I was on the 3rd day of my period (on a Wednesday). Usually my periods last 7 to 9 days max ...

Can vitamins affect birth control pill efficacy?

Posted 10 Jun 2015 by cupcake217 1 answer

Hi there, I'm a 26 year old, sexually active female. I'm currently on the birth control pill Alesse 28, which I've been taking for more than a year. I've never missed a pill and am very diligent about taking my pill at roughly the same time every day. I've recently started ...

Been on alesse 28, missed 2 periods. Help!?

Posted 25 Apr 2014 by helphelp2014 3 answers

I have been on Alesse 28 and for the past two months i have not gotten my period. 3 months ago, i was fooling around with my boyfriend and we were grinding naked, but no sex. I took a hpt after the first missed period and it came back negative. Could the alesse be causing me to miss my periods or ...

What if I lose an active pill? Can I take 20 active pills instead of 21 this month?

Posted 28 Jun 2018 by F24 1 answer

I lost an active pill from alesse 28 pack so I had to take anothe one. So I will be finishing my pack one day earlier this month? Is it safe?

Brown discharge instead of period, Help?

Posted 16 Mar 2015 by JustwonderingHelp 1 answer

Hi, I am sexually active. We do not use condoms. I am on birth control (Alesse 28) and i have been for about 6 months. He does not *** inside. But on my "period" time, all i'm getting is brown discharge, and mainly only when i wipe. No blood. I am on my 3rd day , going onto 4th. Im ...

Took 1 Alesse 28 pill late and now no period?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by WTF1234 1 answer

Hi there, I have been taking the BC pill Alesse 28 for a year and a half. I rarely ever take my pill late. Always take it on time at night everyday. One night I was very tired and unfortunately the pill slipped my mind and I forgot to take it. I remembered the following day and took the pill ...

How long until Depo Provera is effective?

Posted 29 Jul 2015 by cupcake217 1 answer

I just switched over to Depo Provera from Alesse 28. When I got the shot, I was on my 8th week in a row of active pills (I was skipping periods using pills). I stopped taking my pills the day after I got my shot (I got the shot on a Tuesday, I took my Tuesday pill that day as well, but didn't ...

Im on alesse 28! birth control on my second pack I had concerns?

Posted 13 Nov 2015 by anniexoxo 1 answer

so i started my pills on nov 6 well my second pack but my one moth of it initially 9th i had unprotected sex on that saturday with no condom and he ejaculated in me but the next day i did take plan B JUST CAUSE i was going paranoid... ITS NOV 12 it happened again on my sixth pill of my second pack ...

Period for 19 days while on birth control? Please help!?

Posted 22 Feb 2016 by Zandilar 1 answer

I started taking Alesse 28 on the 2nd of february... When my period started as this is when the instructions told me to. My doctor gave me no direction, which is not unusual for him. I have had 19 days of my period, The last couple days I've started feeling dizzy, and extremely exhausted. ...

I've been on Alesse 28 for a couple years now?

Posted 21 Aug 2016 by Help123123 1 answer

I start a new pack tonight and my period still hasn't come. This has never happened before. But, I did get cramps and sore breasts, which I always get before my period. I'm almost positive I'm not pregnant because my boyfriend always uses a condom. Plus, I've never missed a ...

Alesse-28 depression side effects?

Posted 20 Nov 2016 by alyssalaz 1 answer

I've been taking Alesse-28 for almost a month now and ever since I started taking it I've been extremely emotional, almost everything makes me cry. The past week has been the worst, I've been unable to control my crying. One little thing will trigger it but I will end up forgetting ...

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