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I have been taking 78 mg of benedryl (Via 2 Advil PM) nightly for roughly 10 years for sleep aid?

Posted 12 Jun 2016 by boufry 0 answers

I have tried MANY other options with NO LUCK. Am I at any risk if I continue this routine? My sister has been trying to convince me to stop. Melatonin does not work. Recently, I've tried Trazodone, with not any luck there either. Please tell me my dose is light and there's no harm in my ...

Can Naproxen be taken with Advill PM?

Posted 7 Feb 2012 by eddiealexander 2 answers

My wife has flu like symptoms and took two advil PM capsules 2 hours ago. She is still very achy. Can I give her a 500MG Naproxen? If not, what can I do to make her more comfortable.

Mirapex - can I take with Advil pm?

Posted 3 Sep 2015 by sky1663 1 answer

I have been taking tylenol pm or advil pm for quite some time?

Posted 22 Apr 2015 by Nettie2007 1 answer

I have had some headaches lately and wonder if it could be from the nightly use of Tylenol pm. I take only one to get me to sleep. What kind of problems can I have with this nightly use?

Hi,ive been takin Advil pm for about a year n 3 mths everynight as a sleeping aid?

Posted 18 Aug 2010 by blkonx73 2 answers

Im now having problems with my stomach n ive been lossing weight can this be contributed to my use of Advil pm??

What is the prescription medication equivalent to Advil PM?

Posted 10 Aug 2014 by ShakesDDawg 1 answer

Thank you!

I took 15-20 advil pms 2 days ago and am having overdose effects. what do I do?

Posted 10 Apr 2010 by gerk 5 answers

... shakey, ive urinated once and it was dark yellow/ orange. what do i do?

I have been on advil pm for about 2 years. I have started to have bad headaches and ringing in the?

Posted 22 Jan 2014 by edmon 1 answer

... ear's also trouble with focas?

Very bad insomnia, please help?

Posted 29 Sep 2010 by luvy298 4 answers

I have been off Tramadol for 22 days after abusing them for two years. I am having trouble sleeping. I went and bought tylenol pm, advil pm, and benadryl. I also purchased kava kava capsules it only helped for one night, but to no avail. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions that i can ...

Advil pm?

Posted 22 Apr 2010 by Allen1955 1 answer

I am a healthy 59 year old male. I have pain in my shoulders that wake me up three or four times nightly. I have found Advil PM helps me stay sleeping the night through. I use it 2 or 3 times a week. I would use it every night, but I am concerned about the unknown health risks? Thank You.

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