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Adhesion Questions

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I need adhesions and scare tissue removed from my abdominal area. Who should I seek out?

Posted 20 Jul 2018 by Deelady38 1 answer

Theses surgeries has resulted in pain from scare tissue and adhesions. I feel pulling in my stomach where I once had a colostomy bag. I feel pulling on my bladder and in my pelvic area. The doctor that I am seeing now doesn't seem to be taking me seriously when I tell him I'm in a lot of ...

Hematuria - Is having blood in your urine, passing clots,and passing just blood without urine?

Posted 6 Jan 2018 by phis55 0 answers

... normal 7 wks post-op, done to repair a hole in bladder from adhesions?

Treatment for adhesions?

Posted 28 Jul 2017 by RMarkMan 0 answers

A J-Tube was inserted into my stomach to anchor it after surgery. The tube was removed about 10 months ago. When I eat, I have pain at that site after my stomach has expanded. Are there effective non-invasive treatments to reduce or eliminate these adhesions?

Abdominal Adhesions - I have had three C-sections and in 2007, I had a supra cervical hysterectomy.?

Posted 11 Oct 2016 by Cmbaker1968 0 answers

I have had three C-sections, and a supra cervical hysterectomy in 2007. I have been having pain during intercourse and back pain recently. It has been going on for about a year actually... I had an ultrasound which showed a cyst on my cervix and a few cysts on my ovary. My doctor is suggesting my ...

Abdominal Adhesions - My abdominal adhesion pain comes & goes. I haven't had a flare up in years.?

Posted 4 Feb 2016 by Sunbunny 0 answers

... Now I am in pain everyday. I know it's the adhesions because it's the same exact pain I've had before. What could cause these adhesions from hurting so bad again. The only thing I can think of is a few weeks ago I was in a very strenuous exercise class & maybe I really pulled ...

Abdominal Adhesions - I have scar tissue on my intestine. The pain has been getting progressively?

Posted 8 Jun 2015 by briggsco 1 answer

... worse and I am now at a point where I am in constant pain unless I am laying down. I really can't function like this anymore, but I don't know what kind of treatment to seek. I had a similar problem with scar tissue on my gallbladder and when the Dr did surgery to remove it, he found ...

How to go about finding if I have abdominal adhesions?

Posted 17 Aug 2015 by Hopeful 923 0 answers

I had my second c-section almost 3 years ago and I have nothing but problems with my stomach and bowels. I have pain on my left side by my hip and go to the bathroom a lot to the point where I don't like to leave the house. I have been to the er and the gi. I've had blood tests and a ...

Diet re Intestinal Obstruction Risk?

Posted 19 Jun 2015 by slsawyer 1 answer

I'm in the hospital for an intestinal Obstruction due to adhesions after many bowel surgeries. Doc says no more nuts, seeds, raw fruits and veggies unless cooked or pulverized., etc. Stick to a more soft diet. However, I eat a mostly paleo diet and red meat is now out, too. What about nut ...

I have endometriosis/adhesions. How do I know if the symptoms I'm having are endo or an obstruction?

Posted 3 May 2015 by abobcheck 2 answers

I was diagnosed with endo 2 years ago after a laparosocopy to confirm. That procedure also revealed abdominal adhesions. One band attached to an ovary that had pinned a part of my bowel. It was corrected during that procedure. I have always experienced intermittent pain, nausea, constipation, and ...

Movantik - I have had many gastric surgeries and during that period had 2 hernias in the intestines?

Posted 24 May 2015 by grammyjo50 1 answer

because of these hernias I had to have surgery. I also had medication (dolobid) to cause my vertical banded gastroplasty rip out and had emergency surgery for that. I threw up fecal matter for 8 days and after surgery that was interrupted with heart problems, I am left with severe adhesions of what ...

I am 46yrs old female have has crohns disease for 17yrs. Never surgrery on my bowels but several?

Posted 9 Mar 2015 by 1527WHIPPLE 1 answer

Abdominal surgeries. I just had colonoscopy that showed several 6mm ulcers in sm.bowel. But my symptoms are abdominal pain around belly button, and severe bloating. Today its 42inches when normally 30-32. My GI Dr. Said to eat pudding, mashed potatoes or pureed food. He said Im full of adhesions. ...

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