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I have been on Actonel for 1 year and now have severe tooth sensitivity. Any connection?

I use a tooth guard, but still have the sensitivity. Use sensodyne teeth products etc. any correlation to Actonel?

Posted 29 Apr 2016 2 answers

Are skin infections a side effect of Actonel?

I developed several skin infections when I stopped taking Actonel and began having Prolia injections instead, every 6 months for my osteoporosis. Because skin infections are a rare side effect of ...

Posted 6 Jan 2016 1 answer

Is Actonel still on the market?

We received a call from a patient who stated that her pharmacy told her that actonel was no longer available. Is this true or is it just back ordered? Thanks cindy

Posted 10 Feb 2015 1 answer


... Pain that is dibilitating and I have had to purchase a cane to get around. Xrays have been taken, I am waiting for results, but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. The pain is ...

Posted 27 Nov 2014 1 answer

Any generic as good as atelvia?

Actonel was my osteopenia med until maker stopped before it went generic and instead offered (at a HIGH price) ATELVIA. Since recently patented, I'd like to get a generic that would not betray ...

Posted 25 Sep 2014 1 answer

I have been taking miacalcin nasal spray about 1 mo. plus evista?

for several years. Since miacalcin I now have pain in both hips and lower back. Is this related to the miacalcin? I was on Actonel previously, which caused GI problems, nerve problems, and finally ...

Posted 30 Jun 2013 1 answer

Has any one taken fasamax and had a bad reaction but then tried actonel and tolerated this better?

I had every side effect with fasamax so I went off of it after three weeks. I was put on Evista and in two years my back has got a little worse. Now they want to put me on Actonel. I am scared to ...

Posted 28 Mar 2013 1 answer

Can I get Actonel for free?

I have to take this med. and I can't get medicaid. I can't afford to pay the high price each month. I'm not able to find a job yet. So I need some help right now.

Posted 3 Feb 2013 1 answer

Can I use actonel as a conservative treatment of avascular necrosis?

I am 36 year old and diagnosed with avascular necrosis of bilateral femoral head. I have been treated with chemotherapy for two years. Now I am not taking any medicine.

Posted 23 Apr 2012 1 answer

I am having pain in my knees, hips and thighs. I have been on actonel for over 8 years?

I recently stopped taking actonel. How long will the sore thighs, knees and hips last. I have been off the medicine for 4 weeks and still have pain going up and down stairs.

Posted 16 Jan 2012 1 answer

I have been taking Atelvia for about six months. My eyes have become very red with burning and?

... dryness. I've tried eye drops. I don't remember the Actonel bothering me like this. I took it for six months but switched for gastro reasons. Please advise if this is a common side ...

Posted 23 Aug 2011 1 answer

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