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Does klonopin cause nerve damage or increase nerve pain?

Posted 9 Apr 2014 7 answers

I have horrible nerve pain in my hands and fingers that is 24/7. I am desperate for some relief. Last October one doc told me not to take... read more

Does generic clonazepam (Teva) work as well as brand Klonopin?

Posted 14 Jul 2014 26 answers

I occasionally take .5mg of Teva clonazepam for nerve pain. I find there is quite a lot of variation in the effectiveness of the tablets --... read more

Postherpetic Neuralgia - New Gallixa cream… useful for PHN?

Posted 15 Dec 2013 12 answers

Dear all My mother is a 77 years old sufferer of PHN who has been trying obediently all the range of drugs (Gabapentin-Neurontin... nerve blocking... read more

Is it true that narcotic pain meds do not work?

Posted 18 Jul 2012 14 answers

on nerve pain, I have had chest pain for 2 1/2 yrs from what Ive been told by Drs from shingles, I have suffered this entire time given... read more

Intercostal Nerve Block w/ ablation for Post Herpetic Neuralgia?

Posted 14 May 2013 5 answers

I had this procedure done on Monday as the last one I had 6 mths ago didnt work so they went in and did another set of nerves. Does anyone... read more

What does it mean if the nerves on the left side & right side of neck & both arms go to the brain?

Posted 25 Oct 2013 3 answers

I've been feeling nerve pain in my left arm up thru the left side of my neck, passed my ear and into my head, I feel the left side... read more

Does statin use cause occipatal neuralgia?

Posted 2 Oct 2011 1 answer

I am taking pravastatin for several and have been suffering from occipatal neuralgia for a year. I have had nerve blocks, physical therapy,... read more

What happens if you mix vistaril and xanax, or klonapin?

Posted 20 May 2011 2 answers

i have all three, i just got outta rehab for alcohol and they gave me all these med because of nerve damage over the years. but i heard that vistaril... read more

How does it work for nerve pain?

Posted 3 Feb 2011 2 answers

I was just perscribed this... I had a 3 level ( C3-C4 C4-C5 C5-C6 ) decompresive lamanectomy Spinal Stenosis 6/09... missed something on 2nd MRI...... read more

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