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Even though klonopin,xanax and valium are all benzo's, do they show up the same in a urine test that

... They take in office and dont send out?

Posted 9 Aug 2011 4 answers

I went to pick up my medicine at CVS and they were suppose to give me 60 klonopin for a month?

When I got home they only gave me 30 pills. I called the pharmacy & they said sorry but it is my mistake and I should have counted them before I left the pharmacy. I never count my medicine ...

Posted 21 Jun 2012 11 answers

In a urine test can they tell the diff between valium & klonopin?

Have a Dr urine test in 5 days can they tell in the urine test the difference?

Posted 10 Oct 2013 3 answers

Klonopin brand?

Few pharmacy told me today that klonopin makes only one manufacture and they stopped. Is it true? I can't take generic. My docor knows it. What should I do now?

Posted 8 Jul 2014 3 answers

I have Bipolar Disorder 1. Insomnia for 10 yrs. Have taken Ambien for 1 year until it lost it's?

... effect. Klonopin for 8 yrs for sleep,then anxiety, at various dosages from five different psychiatrists. I want to be weaned off of Klonopin due to dangers of Benzos - to no avail at this time. ...

Posted 8 hours ago 3 answers

Why do I become so tired and I seem to blackout and fall off chairs?

It's like I blackout and even wake up while falling of the chair. Extreme sleepiness . Cause could cause this. I take clonadine, klonopin, flecainide, atenlol, lisinopril plus metformin, ...

Posted 7 days ago 4 answers

Xanax to Klonopin?

Hello, I was rx'd 1.5 mg xanax for many years. I started taking too much (3mg per day) in the last month and decided to get psychiatric help. He upped my dose of Lexapro up to 30mg. He also ...

Posted 1 day 20 hours ago 1 answer

Can Klonopine cause seizures?

My sister began taking klonopine for anxiety and shortly there after, she began having grand mall seizures. Are they totally unrelated?

Posted 4 days ago 2 answers

Medication - Hi there, I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks. I have always taken Xanax as?

... needed for my panic (.25mg maybe 3 times a week at most) my doctor switched me to klonopin, because he said it lasts longer. I took my first dose of .5 mg yesterday around 5pm and I absolutely ...

Posted 10 days ago 2 answers

Panic Disorder - I've been taking 4-6, .5 Xanax a day for 3 months. Dr startedme today on klonopin?

... .5. Two at night, 1 in morn. Im worried about such a decrease in meds. Should I be? Any advice? If I feel antsy is it okay to take a Xanax?

Posted 9 days ago 2 answers

Klonopin "as needed"?

I recently posted another similar question but didn't include all the details and was no longer getting replies. Does anyone take klonopin "as needed"? Some doctors prescribe it to ...

Posted 28 Aug 2012 9 answers

Have Ben off klonopin for 1 month and feel cruddy depressed and anxiety?

Is there anything to take that's natural to help

Posted 8 days ago 1 answer

Please help need advice on my anxiety meds :(?

So I had my first really bad anxiety attack back in February I was prescribed 1mg klonopin for a couple weeks left that got on xanax with prozac an that didn't work so I went back to the kpens ...

Posted 17 days ago 2 answers

1 mg Klonopin? change in color from green teva?

I am taking Klonopin and was on the green teva for the longest time, last time i got them filled no one told me they changed to the white Avasit-i believe thats the name of the company i can tell you ...

Posted 12 days ago 1 answer

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